• 01. Toca Alfredo Toca
    02. El Casabe
    03. Charanguenado
    04. Que Rico Bailo Yo
    05. Hot To Trot
    06. My Favorite Things
    07. Canto Del Corazon



    [engl] Now we enter territories of smooth disco grooves and spicy samba rhythms as solid background for whipping melodies of the most charming kind. This is a lush late 70s disco production with an affinity for jazz that showcases a band lead by a truly gifted violin player. Elements of electronic dance and pop music and Latin sounds embrace each other and get tied together by sexy funky bass guitar lines. Samba, Salsa and whatever South America has to offer join forces with the Western club music of the day and in between all those fluffy but rich arrangements some freaked out piano eruptions and twisted song structures prove Alfredo De La Fe's fondness for the jazz scene aside from the mainstream. His violin turns into a screeching demon raging upon an ever flowing pulse of percussions, bass and drums. And the beat will definitely not leave you alone for the whole playing time. Alfredo's violin is the secret star of this record and he as the multicultural band leader, born in Cuba, living in the USA after 16 years in Columbia, knows to enchant and fascinate his listeners with songs that have the charm of pop and the edges great jazz offers, fused into one vivid world of sound. The deep and wide structures invite you to take a trip through a pulsating city with music, dances and happy spirits everywhere. My favorite here is the truly modernized but utterly hypnotizing “My favorite things” I only used to know from John Coltrane before. Folks, Alfredo De La Fe might play a really smooth, happy and lightweight music but this man really pulls it off. No wonder that original pressings of this album go for 180,00 Dollars. Now we can change that with a beautiful fresh reissue and if you are a lover of Latin music, disco and funk, be welcome to lend your ears to Alfredo De La Fe.
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