• 01. Cathedral
    02. Is Love?
    03. I'm Hip To You
    04. Mr. Tripp Wouldn't Listen
    05. The Death Of Don Quixote
    06. Jazz Is Love
    07. It's Only You
    08. Echoes Of "You"
    09. Dream Weaver
    10. Seed Of Love
    11. The Fox


    In The Woodland Of Weir

    [engl] The late 60s seem like a lake of great music releases without a bottom to me. Whenever you think there is no way to go deeper into the mists of obscurity you stumble over another crown jewel from the inner sanctum of garage rock, acid pop and power psychedelia. THE LITTLE BOY BLUES emerged from the simmering Chicago scene of the mid to late 60s where the contemporary beat fused with elements of soul, jazz, blues and funk tinged with dreamy harmonies of the most colorful kind to become acid and garage rock. Sometimes both at the same time. You could literally experience the development of fuzz pedals in rock music spinning those old records including “In the woodland of weir”. The sawing opening chords of “Cathedral” make sure what you are about to listen to. The buzzing heavy guitars raise dirt hand in hand with a sluggish beat before a pastoral organ melody divides the tune into half and after that the seething maelstrom of heaviness overruns you once again. There is more than just this dirty caveman bluesrock you will experience when you give “In the woodland of Weir” a well deserved spin. “Seed of love” is a slow psychedelic pop tune with some wild and explosive fuzzed out lead guitar, wickedly insane flute kicking in from time to time and a bone grinding organ to contrast the thought provoking vocal melody and the dreamy atmosphere. “The great train robbery” comes to hit you straight into your face as the brutal proto punk anthem it is, an aggressive, furious rock eruption with a rather monotonous vocal line. And “Mr. Trip wouldn’t listen” with some sweet string section on a carpet of utterly distorted rhythm guitars howling and scrunching spiced with in some way desperate vocals will thrill you down to your bare bones. Hard garage rock for all freaks into US heroes such as THE SEEDS, THE COUNT FIVE, THE THIRD BARDO and THE MUSIC MACHINE or English cult acts like THE TROGGS, THE WHO and THE YARDBIRDS with some great outstanding songs on its score. A blast to spin!
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