• 01. Tarot
    02. Sorcerer
    03. Déjà Vu
    04. Astral Projection
    05. Séance
    06. I Ching
    07. Cabala
    08. The Unexplained
    09. Wind Dance


    The Unexplained

    [engl] Electronic Musical Impressions of the Occult. The great late Mort Garson (1924 – 2008) is a hotshot of electronic music’s pioneer days with his groundbreaking occult works such as LUCIFER – Black mass in 1971 and THE ZODIAC – Cosmic sounds in 1967 among others. A different side of his creativity used to be his 1976 PLANTASIA project which was classic inspired album of moog compositions to be played for growing plants. The previous year he offered us this hypnotizing album that takes you onto a weird trip to an even weirder sound world. Metallic sounding drum loops add a proto industrial feel to the swirling waves of colorful synthesizer melodies which draw influences from jazz and exotica music of the 50s and 60s as well as mysterious detective movie soundtracks and pulsating psychedelic rock. There are moments of free form electronic oscillations with layers of synthetic whistling and buzzing shifted upon each other next to passages with a hot blooded groove that interfuse your soul and make you drift away on a gently flowing river of sound. This album can be recommended to all lovers of the more experimental 1970s electronics and definitely compete with all these fine German musical collectives such as CLUSTER, TANGERINE DREAM or whatever act Klaus Schulze was involved with but also to freaks who love the progressive soundtrack art of the Italian horror movies of the same time by GOBLIN and other masters. ATARAXIA – The unexplained is a fascinating album that even shows these pulsating synthesized rhythms later to appear with many dance productions. Another pioneer work of a true artist who loved the challenge to cross borders and explore new territories of sound.
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