• 01. Never is Enough
    02. Jupiter Calling
    03. We're not alone
    04. Evening Glow
    05. Venus in Transit
    06. Rescue Mission
    07. Anything is Possible
    08. Humboldt Reservoir Blues
    09. Waves in Oscillation



    [engl] Whatever image that the name "Space Raft" might conjure up for you, just forget it. They are not specifically a psych band, or a retro-glam outfit, or a blatant '70's throwback. They are, instead, a classically brilliant pop-rock combo which incorporates elements of all the above while working by their own rules, beholden to no genre. Space Raft, their debut album, is proof positive of this. Formed in 2012 by ex-Mystery Girls guitarist Jordan Davis, former Temper Temper keyboardist TJay Christenson, Father Phoenix drummer Tyler Chicorel (who currently handles bass duties for the equally awesome Call Me Lightning) and Goodnight Loving bassist Colin Swinney, the band currently includes bassist Srini Radhakrishna (Circles, Football, France Has The Bomb), following Swinney's departure to California. The camaraderie amongst Space Raft's members is obvious upon listening to their music; there is a definite interplay between all of them that contributes to a fully-formed vision. Healthy helpings of melody, rhythmic diversity, and intriguing instrumentation make their self-titled debut LP a constantly shifting, magical entity. There's an almost science-fiction element to many of their songs, such as "Jupiter Calling" and "Anything is Possible" which is completely in line with the effects-laden guitar lines and washes of keyboard. However, Space Raft can abruptly shift gears into songs such as "We Are Not Alone" or "Rescue Mission" which are pop at its finest. Diversity is the key to Space Raft, a quality which, unfortunately, is sadly lacking in many modern bands.

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