• 01. Intro
    02. Bangkok
    03. Nicotine
    04. Noise Again
    05. No Name Science
    06. Radon
    07. The Monarch Must Die
    08. Mechanical Lady
    09. My Girlfriend is a Zombieslut


    Unforgettable Lost and Unreleased

    [engl] Recorded at Torricalla Studios in 2012 and 2013, this cd collects the best of Inutili’s early recordings before the great bassist (Giancarlo di Marco) left the band. In a way this cd is a sort of passage in the artistic evolution of the band. The album starts with the bubbling and forceful “Untitled” then moves into the blissed-out trance of “Bangkok" with its casual web of guitar solo construc- tions. The third track “nicotine” has an electrified blues feel. It starts out chill and smoky but then builds into some sharp shredding. Inutili then fills the floor with cement for "Noise Again" and “No Name Science”. You are stuck in the thick of a pummelling attempt to stop time. It’s super heavy and expansive without being wanky. The sixth track “Radon” locks in hard and stays that way (think Pharaoh Overlord). Next is “The Monarch Must Die”, which is more heavy, perfect, Psych madness that’s bombastic from start to finish. The eighth song “Mechanical Lady” gives you a breather with a creeping groove and an underwater sounding guitar riff. In the last song, you know you’re screwed after the first few seconds. The beginning and end are nauseating and the middle fries your face off.
    EAN 819162017173

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