• 01. Rabat
    02. Federation Tunisienne De Football
    03. Fan For A Twenty Years Old Human Being
    04. A World Of Wonder
    05. C’mon Tigre
    06. December
    07. Commute
    08. Queen In A3
    09. Life As A Preened Tuxedo Jacket
    10. Building Society – The Great Collapse
    11. Building Society – Renovation
    12. Welcome Back Monkeys
    13. Malta (The Bird And The Bear)



    [engl] The name Afroamericans gave to this dirty style of music was funk in reference to the body odour produced while in a state of excitation. That’s what we do, repetitive riffs and a maximalist attitude in a mosaic of arabic melodies, analogue drum machines, sinuous guitars, with a bombastic horn sections that could make snakes dance. The album includes 13 tracks, composed and produced by the duo C’mon Tigre and arranged together with its extended family, a great cluster of musicians from all over the world: Jessica Lurie, Henkjaap Beeuwkes, Pasquale Mirra, Ahmad Oumar, Enrico Fontanelli, Danny Ray Barragan, Eusebio Martinelli, Dipak Raji, Rocco Favi, Paolo Berluti, Malik Ousmane and Simone Sabini. More than two years of recordings, with a constant change of longitude and latitude. We have travelled far. We have met musicians with great souls and worked together with them on these 13 tracks. A group of people mutually contaminated sharing their musical memories. C'mon Tigre began life in the Mediterranean basin and spread out to the corners of the world's metropolises. C’mon Tigre talks about the fascination that Africa holds in a tales that stretch along a curve line from San Diego to Bombay. That's the reason why we choose not to sign this project with our birth names, because C'mon Tigre represents the single artistic voice which keeps those memories. Where do we come from, who are we similar to? that is not relevant. There’s not one single place, there are many places. There’s not one single face, there are many faces. C'mon Tigre are two people but at the same time is a collective of souls. This condition will change constantly, on stages, in the next recordings sessions and also in all those areas that are not strictly related to music. C'mon Tigre will invest in artistic research continuing his collaborations with animators, illustrators, visual artists like the successful experiment made with Mr. Toccafondo. More it will change, the more it will grow.
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