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    [engl] Limited edition released of 350 handnumbered copies with two-color silkscreened sleeves! This EP contains 4 new and exclusive tracks with super-blasting sound, being in the vein of the INTELLIGENCE and CRASH NORMAL, with nods to the A FRAMES, like a more fuzzy rocking version of the MAE SHI, like a buzzsaw crazed-up version of MONORCHID, and also reminiscent of sadly forgotten 90's classics like HARRIET THE SPY...

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    Zoo psychology

    exclusive(!) vinyl-version of their new 2nd album, released as a CD on FRENCHKISS RECORDS! 15 razorsharp no-wave-punk blasts, as if SHELLAC or the JESUS LIZARD would play DEVO-songs in an ARAB ON RADA
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    Raw wild love

    [engl] eatures 2 songs each by both these New-York-Now-Wave bands! More of the hectic & spastic Neo-Punk blasts by the SECONDS, and the EX MODELS sounding like "the missing link" between the JESUS LIZARD and
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    ROOM 101

    Vox Humana

    [engl] This is ONE MAN recording and playing everything on this three song EP – and it's no less than a FUCKING POWERHOUSE! No hackneyed cliche of Hardcore, like most of contemporary bands do! You'
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    AC/DC SIDES 7-10

    [engl] Featuring AC/DC-cover-versions by DENISON KIMBALL TRIO, ZEEK SHECK, MOUNT SHASTA and KILLDOZER! The first two installments of this series, Double-7” "SIDES 1-4" resp. "SIDES 5&6" 7"Single are COMPLE
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    Dying to meet you

    [engl] Debut by new german band (from Trier and Cologne) with 4 songs that sound like... well, maybe like LES SAVY FAV as on their 7"s, and with an organ added? Or like the PANTHERS, but less noisey and more
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    AC/DC SIDES 11-14

    [engl] Limited edition 2x7" set, pressed on marble-colored vinyls, and packed into a 20-page comicbook sleeve! Features exclusively recorded interpretations of AC/DC songs by PRE ("Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Chea
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