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    Trenches/Bikini Atol

    [engl] First release by this new band from Los Angeles, with 2 exclusive songs recorded at Big Fish Studios, San Diego. Features ex- and current members of the BAD DUDES, BIPOLAR BEAR aka TURRKS, and SILVER DAGGERS. Maybe they sound anything like these, or maybe not... Our initial thought was it sounds like "STEEL POLE BATH TUB meets LES SAVY FAV". Someone else said it's like "a LES SAVY FAV song interpreted by KARP". And another one claimed it's reminiscent of SUPERCONDUCTOR (as on "Hit Songs For Girls"). If you're unfamiliar with any of these references, then you may think as well of something like being stuck in between DEERHOOF and DEERHUNTER... Limited edition of 500 copies on vinyl, with a free mp3-download included!

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    Double O-Yeah...And Other Hits

    Double O-Yeah
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    Solo- Album von EA80 Mastermind Martin Kircher. 11 Tracks minimal Electronic, Noise- Pop, Art-Rock and Avantgarde Non-Music. Die Songs, die nur mit Stimme, Gitarre und Keyboards instrumentiert sind (d
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    ROOM 101

    Vox Humana

    [engl] This is ONE MAN recording and playing everything on this three song EP – and it's no less than a FUCKING POWERHOUSE! No hackneyed cliche of Hardcore, like most of contemporary bands do! You'
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    AC/DC SIDES 11-14

    [engl] Limited edition 2x7" set, pressed on marble-colored vinyls, and packed into a 20-page comicbook sleeve! Features exclusively recorded interpretations of AC/DC songs by PRE ("Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Chea


    [engl] Hooray, here it is: Brandnew single, released on our very own label! Two new (previously unreleased!) SMASH hits by the SLEAFORD MODS, who stunned the world earlier this year with their "Austerity Dog
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    The tape

    This is THE vinyl-version of the 16 tracks, recorded prior to their Zulu album (KILL ROCK STARS), and until now having been only available as a cassette! And of you think Zulu was great, then you will
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