• 01. Nebuchadnezzar
    02. Beast Out Of The Sea / Beast Out Of The Earth
    03. Black Death
    04. Van Gogh
    05. Therianthropy


    among beasts

    [engl] AVALANCHE from Vienna/Austria giving nods to the horned one. They play heavy hardcore with a strong tendency towards stoner- and doom-metal. Instead of attempting to intimidate with epic scope or bleak mood, as does by most doom/sludge bands, these miscreants basically cut to the chase and get right in the listener's face. The 5 newly remastered tracks (3 of them are from their "among beasts" 2010 demo) are concise blasts of mostly thudding mid-tempo hardcore rage, riding easy on primal SABBATH riff-worship. The stoner riffs could work your fillings out of your teeth - the ruptured throat sounds pissed - the bass is feedback soaked and gives a solid groove and the drums sound crisp like a nuclear explosion not very far away from your living room. Some parts are slow but not glacial and the riffs are without ever hinting at bounciness. The SABBATH-ian lineage is clear, but AVALANCHE owe just as much to the frothy-mouthed intensity of SLEEP, EYEHATEGOD, OKKULTOKRATI, PENTAGRAM and their ilk. The atmosphere here is generally one of extreme hostility, and when these guys kick up the tempo the resultant is far more hardcore than anything else. Quite simply it is a heavy journey that should be tracked down by anyone into crushing, heavy music - a drug-infused jam - and you’ll be pulled right in! The one-sided, limited and handnumbered (300) LP comes with a screenprinted b-side and cover, black innersleeve and includes a digital download card

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    Perseverance kills our game

    [engl] Absolute masterpiece when talking about progressive / psychedelic folk- rock from Europe. Dutch band Avalanche was formed in the early 70s and recorded their only album in 1979. ''Perseverance

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    Death in the place of rebirth

    Was für ein Monster! So Muss brutaler, walzender Doom klingen. Kein Schnick Schnack, sondern auf das wichtigste reduzierte Brutalität. Die neuen Songs sind noch dicker und rudimentärer, der Gesang
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    Erstes Release dieser neuen Band aus Dresden, die dir ganz im Stile von Nails, Trap Them oder Mind Eraser die Tapeten von der Wand fegt.
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    Die ostwestfälischen Blackwaves (feat. ex-members von Kinetic Crash Cooperation, Junes Tragic Drive, Lovesong Company, Cheerleaders of the Apocalypse) klingen freilich nach Neurosis, das Schlagzeug e
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    I'am not alright

    Der neuste Streich der Jungs aus dem Italian Stallion Umfeld. 9 mal derbe angepisster 80er HardcorePunk zwischen alten Dead Kennedies und dem Sound der FU's Gitarren auf "Kill for Christ"!
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    Cut the melon

    Vom ersten Hammerhead-Song überhaupt bis hin zu den letzten Werken sind auf dieser Compilation alle Songs vertreten, die nicht auf den drei regulären Alben sind. Die Stücke sind entweder teilweise
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    Flotter und straighter Hardcore Punk aus Hamburg, gelungenes Debut einer Kapelle, deren Mitglieder u.a. wohl auch bei JUST WENT BLACK ihr Unwesen treiben. Im Gegensatz zu dieser gehts hier aber oldsch
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