• 01. Silver Constellation
    02. Black Mouth
    03. Krokodil
    04. The Death of Dallas
    05. Venus and Uranus
    06. Bellicec



    [engl] Get in to a car with a full tank, throw yourself towards the first motorway you can find and build up miles and miles without ever looking into the rear-view mirror. That's the spirit that made Kraftwerk start up nearly fifty years ago and it looks like its where Jupiter Lion are starting, only that the motorways this Valencian trio are driving on aren't in Germany, their up there between Venus and Uranus. It's not the Milky Way but the Jupiter Lion Way, where dimensions shrink and expand and the third eye melts into a sincere hug with our chakras. The band, formed at the beginnings of 2011 by Sais (vocals, synthesizer and programming), Jose Guerrero (Bass guitar) and Gonzo In Vegas (drums) come from the legacy of German experimental music, the kind that at some point stopped looking towards the USA and Europe and started to look towards outerspace, the kind that takes music forward with nerve and sweat. Riding on a Supernova of Kraut Rock that alternatively condenses and frees energy, this fantastic first album for BCore (recorded in June 2012 by Pablo Peiró - bass guitar of Betunizer- at the Sountess Studio) has six trips full of psychedelic and hypnotic rhythms that makes the listener advance non-stop. More, more and more. Jupiter Lion don't use dirty tricks or postal epic, they do slow burning, suggestive kinematics, the kind that Stereolab or Tortoise fans enjoy when they ride the back of the Gran Turbina of Motorik. Jose (also in Betunizer, La Orquestra Ganador and other projects) and Gonzo turn their rhythms, made of constant drive, into a magic carpet from which Sais serves himself and takes us on a interplanetary trip without leaving our homes, exploring spaces inside and out. Six songs that activate all our senses and those to come, a true sensorial hurricane that promises an energetic, physical and hypnotic live performance where dancing and eye ball turning inside out are totally assured.
    LP [incl.DC]
    EAN 8435015513443

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