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    Chinese food

    [engl] The Smoggers are back from the cave! One year after their acclaimed debut Smoggin’ your mind, also available from Clifford Records, Andalusia’s garage pride come back with another bunch of raucous originals! It’s April 2011 when, having learned from the existence of a new vintage, all-analogue studio in Málaga, The Smoggers call in rock & roll pusher Mike Mariconda again for four days of eight-track recording mayhem. The results are as exhilarating as could be. The Smoggers are gone even more primitive! They have streamlined their sound even further and have come out with eight pounding beat punkers, bristling with fuzz, howling vocals, menacing maracas, reverberating with distant echoes from Back from the Grave. Eight bizarre delicacies garnished with strange creatures, preternatural apparitions, obsessive-compulsive loving and other assorted addictions. Eight irresistibly catchy tunes destined to pack the most demented dance floors!

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    Smoggin’ your mind

    [engl] Forget what somebody told you about the big boom of prissing and posturing in the post 2000 rock and roll scene. Somehow, a band from Andalucia, Spain managed to get the formula right. They are The Sm

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    [engl] Clifford Records Marlovers is releasing a precious 7”EP from this sextet from Palma de Mallorca which represents the debut of one of the bands that has earned the most credit during the last years.
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    Cardiopatía Severa

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    The Championship Cup

    [engl] “The Championship Cup” [clifford001LP] is the long-awaited comeback by The Yellow Melodies, from Murcia (Spain). After a long time since their leader Rafa Skam has been involved in other projects
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