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    [engl] In Summer 2004, after their successful performances at Go Lleida and Magic Festival venues, COOL FROG contacts Bip Bip Records label who propose them to feature in one of their well-known compilations “Bip Bip Hurrah!” The release is also supported by some of the famous Flying Zirkus organized as well by the label. COOL FROG gets then to perform in Barcelona venues such Bikini, Sidecar or Magic. COOL FROG turns out to be a cult band. The next step appears to be recording at the studio. Such recording gets finally into the band’s debut album. With the name of “Tapping Songs” Bip Bip Records releases COOL FROG’s first album in January 2006. In September 2007 they get to the studio again to record their second album “Inlet”. After searching for a new record company for a while, COOL FROG signs up with Rock Indiana and in February 2009 “Inlet” is finally Released along with a big and new tour to present the album which takes the band to play in venues abroad and overseas. In September 2009 COOL FROG were picked as the winners of the first contest “Talentos Puro Cuatro” of CUATRO TV Spanish Channel. Such career had to be backed by someone else and that’s it! In February 2011 “Inlet” has been re-released on Clifford Records on a vinyl edition. Mainly influenced by the New Wave, COOL FROG gets also touches from the 60’s, the 70’s... Their music is defined as Power Wave; Pop melodies join a very Punk-New Wave bases mixed with 60’s, 70’s and 80’s influences though. The outcome of this eclectic mixture comprises COOL FROG’s style.

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