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    Dying Breed

    [engl] Dying Breed is a collection of singles and unreleased songs that were recorded in a time and place where noise was king: early 90's Chicago. With a range of songs and sounds spanning from 1990-1995, this lil' collection of gems will not disappoint any fan of the band. Included are all of the songs from the early 7-inches, pulled from their original master tapes and remastered along with outtakes from those sessions and demo versions of album songs. Dying Breed will be released on AfricanTape Records 3.07.11. And if you missed the noise juggernaut the first time around, it's time to get on-fuckin'- board before big'n is, yet again, laid to rest at sea.

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    Spare the Horses

    Nach der letzten, ebenfalls auf African Tape erschienenen, Compilation rarer und unveröffentlichter Tracks, kommen nun, erstmals seit über 10 Jahren, 4 neue Songs der 90er Jahre Noise Rocker aus Chi

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    SOLE & DJ PAIN 1

    Pattern of Life

    [engl] Sole & DJ Pain's latest offering comes a few months after the release of their debut LP DEATHDRIVE. Pattern of Life pushes the boundaries between propaganda and pop music while continually experim
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    EP #1

    Nach 5 Jahren Pause der erste Release Math-Metal Band um Nat Fowlerm, in Form von zwei 12``! Auf dieser enthalten, "Crunchy Zest" in normaler und Extended Disco Version und "Orange Jewelryist" als Ora
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    [engl] The God has given us 2 new PAPIER TIGRE tracks. Playing with the end of the world, he decided to concentrate on what was truly important : this 7-inch. The A-side, "Personal Belongings" strikes immedi
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    La Chaleur

    Papaye spielen auf La Chaleur kurze und heftige - ausschließlich instrumentale - Sounderuptionen. Treibend, geradeaus, fordernd. Ähnlich dem, wie der sportive Herr auf dem homoerotischen Coverfoto s
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    Long Distance

    Das 1993 in Bologna gegründete Trio THREE SECOND KISS besticht mit seiner souveränen Stop & Go-Dramaturgie, die Tempo, abstrakte Melodien und Gitarrennoise brillant verbindet und irgendwo zwischen J
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    Weak Life

    [engl] Spring 2014: Cristiano Deison and Andrea Gastaldello (aka Mingle)motion. The idea is that of moving forwards skeptically, maybe meeting someone or something, maybe not. You do not know. The important
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