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    Dog Food

    [engl] Please don‘t ask. I dont know what a Barreracuda is. Maybe a typo? All I know is that this band called BARRERACUDAS is good, so good that you can smell success. These four lowlifes from Atlanta, Georgia, have a solid 7" out on Douchemaster Records already which sounds very Glam / Pub Rock-esque and because of that this band was flying under my radar. BUT the new songs go into the Powerpop / Punkrock direction and of course GENTLEMAN JESSE and EXPLODING HEARTS come to mind while listening / dancing to this but ssssshhhh.... I dont want to start the hype machine. Look out for a hit album in 2010, but meanwhile, buy one or two copies of this single here! (Not only because there is a naked poodle and a hooker on the backsleeve). Artwork and layout by Andy Burr (WOVEN BONES)
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    Can Do Easy

    Den selbst nachgesagten Tom Petty-Einfluss schaffen die fünf Jungs aus Castle Mountain/Kanada gut hinter straighten Rock-Gitarren Sounds mit Garagen-Charme, Folk-Einschlag und einem kalten Lächeln z

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    Be gay, do crime

    [engl] Thanks to the brilliant brilliant (!!!) record label Girlsville, who put this compilation together for a tape release we - Bachelor Records - can be part of this vinyl record! This tape was just too g

    The Ar-Kives Vol.1 LP

    [engl] "What can be said or done about 2020? Here at Bachelor Records we're sticking to what we know and diggin' in, while making every effort to stop and smell the roses, play more records, and take


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    You're a turd / Do the smog

    Supernerdiges Garage-Trash-Perlchen, das mich stark an diese Beat Beat 7er auf Milk & Chocolate erinnert. Im besten LoFi-Gewand wird gepoltert was die Instrumente hergeben und ohne irgendwelche Anstal
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    PLEXI 3

    Tides of change

    [engl] Bachelor is concentrating on putting out vinyl singles by young bands which simply kick ass, no matter what style they play or what scene they could fit into. BUT: When I gave my boss a CDR with the P
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    More than me

    [engl] It‘s hard to toss the term „Poppunk” nowadays, it has become a generic term for commercial-radio music that has guitars and drums. Poppunk isnt punk that was just polished to make it suiteable f
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