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    If you want me

    [engl] Indian Wars is a 4-piece garage rock group from Vancouver, BC. The band is made up of two brothers (John and Dave) and their long time friends (Fraser and Brad). They started playing tunes three years ago in Dave and John's Grandma's garage with their grandma occasionally accompanying on various instruments (sitar, frog, tamborine). Indian Wars' sound is influenced by garage bands such as DEMON'S CLAWS, THE BLACK LIPS, and the JACUZZI BOYS as well as the classic sounds of THE BAND, THE SEEDS, and the ROLLING STONES. This first release contains four songs for your listening pleasure. Print Run: 500 copies, black vinyl, housed in a full color cardboard sleeve, with b/w insert. Recorded by Drew from DEAD GHOSTS, Mastered by KNTSN, Artwork by John Malta.
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    Walk in the Park

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