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    PLEXI 3

    Tides of change

    [engl] Bachelor is concentrating on putting out vinyl singles by young bands which simply kick ass, no matter what style they play or what scene they could fit into. BUT: When I gave my boss a CDR with the PLEXI 3 demos, he flipped. After listening to it for three days straight he made a very expensive intercontinental phone call and persuaded the three plexis to ink a deal with his label, Bachelor, not for a simple 7", no sir, for their debut full lenght record! Only a couple of weeks later, 13 songs full of 60s girl group and mod/pop sounds flavoured with just the perfect pinch of garage punk attitude ! Now it is your turn as music expert and scenester to buy this gem!
    EAN 4260016929917

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    Hard In Heaven

    Vintage Rock par excellence!
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    More than me

    [engl] It‘s hard to toss the term „Poppunk” nowadays, it has become a generic term for commercial-radio music that has guitars and drums. Poppunk isnt punk that was just polished to make it suiteable f

    The Ar-Kives Vol.1 LP

    [engl] "What can be said or done about 2020? Here at Bachelor Records we're sticking to what we know and diggin' in, while making every effort to stop and smell the roses, play more records, and take
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    No Action

    Die Control Freaks mit zwei zeitgleich releasten Singles auf denen je ein exklusives Original und ein exklusives Cover angeschossen kommen. Die erste Single (diese) beginnt mit dem Midtempo-Scorcher "
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    Look The Other Way

    [engl] With a mutual love for rock ‘n’ roll music and a destructive perspective on daily life, it didn’t take long before Mark Lada and Daan van Dalen became BFF’s. After multiple bad break-ups, coll
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    Banana Brain

    Poppunk im Stile alter Screeching Weasel oder auch Queers. Suzusagen die Ururenkel der Ramones.
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