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    My hero power is my moustache

    [engl] FINALLY IT’S DONE! Part three in the BATMAN & ROBIN trilogy is out now! And with this final part, the dynamic drunken duo recorded their (up to date) best songs. My boss spent the incredible amount of 20 Euros to send them into a “studio” to let them record four amazing songs, four hoopin’ and hollerin’ anthems, four footstompin’ soon-to-be classic tunes! Of course this kid MICHAEL “HACKI” HACKER was forced to do the artwork again, this time he even did a big two sided full cover poster as well, including the secret diaries of Batman and Robin…. He unravels the dirtiest secrets of your beloved superheros! This one is limited to 500 copies and – as all other BATMAN & ROBIN 7”es before – will not be repressed at any time. So take your chance and order this cray-zee package! Print Run: 500 copies, black vinyl, with poster and insert.
    EAN 4260016929924

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    Nothing always

    [engl] THE FEELERS are back with this great 7", spazzed out "Killed by Death" Punk, snotty vox & hectic songs, this came out for their 2007 Euro Tour with the CLOROX GIRLS. Right after the tour THE FEELERS d
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    [engl] Still sad because THE FEELERS stopped playing about two years ago? Well, here’s a serious contender, the GUT REACTIONS from Milwaukee, Wisconsin! This three songs will hit you like a derailed steam
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    [engl] This is the kind of garage punk that makes me glad that I am not completely deaf yet , but I will soon be because I cannot stop listening to these four songs without pumping up the volume just a littl
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    [engl] This red hot slab of wax was recorded in the desert whilst on a shared U.S. tour. JAPANTHER (Brooklyn, NY) let loose a trashy version of their anti love/anti war number "Not At War." A song that captu
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    Black Rose

    [engl] Introducing KÜKEN from Hamburg, Germany. This is their first record, a two song 45, garage punkrock without any bullshit to sidetrack you from the impact. Guitar, bass, drums, two vocal lines all the

    Taking The City By Storm

    [engl] Rising like the phoenix from the ashes of the first version of the band; The Haskels served up heavy doses of three minute, adrenaline-fueled hard punk pop, as evidenced on the highly sought after, Ki
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