Busy Bee Production

  • 01. Racing With The Rabbits
    02. I Laid It Down
    03. Cracked Messiah
    04. Od Slatrom Ekil

    ARK, THE

    Racing with the Rabbits

    [engl] The Genesis of The Ark was this 1996 debut EP now released on vinyl for the very first time. The Ark EP, also known as Racing with the Rabbits, was recorded in 1994 and 1995 and released in 1996 and provides a unique insight into the early years of the band. The record is heavier and rawer than their future string of hits and there are prog references that wouldn't be so easily detectable later on. But the fundamental elements of their polished, bombastic and theatrical style is already in place and the title track would occasionally be part of the band's live sets more than ten years down the road.
    EAN 7331915024786
  • 01. Jag älskar inte dig nåt mer
    02. Anarki i stan
    03. Dagen demokratin dog


    Lysande Utsikter

    [engl] Still going strong and better than ever - legendary Swedish punk pioneers Attentat teams up with producer Per Stålberg (Division of Laura Lee) on this three track vinyl single. Comes in three different limited editions.
    7" lim
  • 01. Ditt Fel
    02. Gogo Fighter
    03. Låt Hjärtat Va Med (Glöm För Fan Inte De)
    04. Punkhjärta
    05. Esmeralda
    06. Krossa Mig
    07. Pissa På
    08. Vad Får Jag
    09. Paddans Dream



    [engl] Attentat were pioneers in the first Swedish punk wave in the late 1970s, along with bands like Kriminella Gitarrer, KSMB, Göteborg Sound and Ebba Grön. After more than 40 years on the Swedish rock scene, Attentat has never felt more relevant. With the new album ”Punkhjärta” (Punk Heart) producer Mattias Glavå (Dungen, The Amazing, Ice Age and others) has carved out a cleaner more raw sound but the fighting spirit, energy and sing along refrains remain. Attentat are still set on changing the future without forget- ting their past and in 2019 they are better, smarter, stronger and more fun than ever. They have nothing left to prove, but still do. The day our planet is flawless Attentat will quit. But that day seems far away.
    EAN 7331915024564
    EAN 7331915024571
  • 01. Bohusländsk Fanfar
    02. Avtagande Verklighet
    03. Minnesstund
    04. Mellanspel
    05. Visionen Vecklar Ut Sitt Landskap
    06. Vaggvisa För Flyktbenägna
    07. Borta Fast Hemma
    08. Melankolins Långa Arm
    09. Hällekindsvalsen
    10. Stjärnklar Natt
    11. ...eller kanske bara ett luftslott


    Instrumentalmusik – att sjunka in i ... eller kanske försvinna till

    [engl] First solo project from wizard Björn Olsson, composer and produ- cer (most noted for his close collaboration with Swedish superstar Håkan Hellström) and former guitarist / co-founder of Union Carbide Productions and The Soundtrack of Our Lives, flies like a watchful butterfly through time and space to land somewhere between krautrock, psychedelia and spaghetti westerns. Recorded in the spring of 1997 in a house by the sea on the Swedish west coast – or is it in Oz, Neverland or on some distant planet? – he weaves electric and organic threads from Ennio Morricone, Popol Vuh, Brian Eno and Bo Hansson into a ghostly, atmospheric, focused and dreamy ambient tapestry to submerge in ... or disappear through. A lullaby eternal like a granite rock, yet fleeting as a ripple over a glittering ocean. Björn Olsson enchants you without you noticing.
    EAN 7331915024700
  • 01. Right About Time
    02. Subhuman Girl
    03. Crackin' Up
    04. One Good Night
    05. Spill Your Guts
    06. Since You've Been GonE
    07. Oh Yeah?
    08. Punkrocker
    09. Fun & Games
    10. From The Bughouse
    11. Only You
    12. Cherry Kicks
    13. Perfect Match
    14. Love Bubble


    Cherry Kicks

    [engl] The second album from 2000 vinyl for the first time in 20 years and this time it’s got extra tracks. Hits galore! Punkrocker, Crackin’ Up, From The Bughouse and even a Lee Perry-cover.
    EAN 7331915024748
  • 01. Over 'Fore It Started
    02. Candy Kane
    03. Mine All Of The Time
    04. Let My Freak Flag Fly
    05. Cheap Glue
    06. Jerk It Out
    07. Burn The City Down
    08. Do-Nothing
    09. I Gun For You, Part II
    10. Fifteen Minutes Too Late
    11. She Don't Mind
    12. I Gun For You
    13. Black Heart
    14. Thousand-Mile-Stare
    15. Crazy Chick
    16. Can't Feel My Toes
    17. Get Off My Cloud


    Love For The Streets

    [engl] Their third album from 2002 vinyl for the first time since it came out and this time it’s got extra tracks. Jerk It Out, Over ’Fore It Started, Candy Cane and more!
    EAN 7331915024762
  • 01. Sort It Out
    02. My Abduction Love
    03. Let's Go Parking Baby
    04. Optic Nerve
    05. (I'm Gonna) Kick You Out
    06. You're My Favourite
    07. Suzy Creamcheese
    08. The Cannibals
    09. Anything You Want
    10. She's A Planet
    11. You're My Favourite 2
    12. You Don't Mean A Thing To Me


    Youth Is Wasted On The Young

    [engl] Their glorious 1997 debut album on vinyl for the first time in over 20 years. Filled with hits like Sort It Out, (I’m Gonna) Kick You Out and You’re My Favourite.
    EAN 7331915024748
  • 01. Phenobarbital
    02. 3D-TV
    03. Automatic
    04. This Man, This Monster
    05. Crap Thinker
    06. Pupo Diavolo
    07. You´re My Favorite
    08. Shake it
    09. Odd Job
    09. Born Cool
    10. Out of My Hands
    11. Wasted
    12. New Taste


    ¡Rock De Puta Mierda!

    [engl] The Stockholm-based psych/60s/garage/indie-act Caesars had a wild ride around the turn of the century. Their three first albums, released in Sweden under the moniker Caesars Palace, were riddled with hits like Jerk It Out, Punkrocker, From The Bughouse, Sort It Out and more, but they only had limited release outside Sweden. The ultra limited vinyl versions of the albums have been highly sought after collector items for 20 years now and even if you’re lucky enough to own originals, these new editions have superior quality pressings, bonus tracks and better sleeves. Limited editions will include fanzines made by bass player David full of pix and trix. Classic 1996 ep for the first time on vinyl with lots of extras including their 1995 debut 7” and other rarities. Caesar’s Palace (aka Caesars) in their infancy was a screaming mess of garage, psych, beat, lo-fi and cycledelica with great pop sensibilty.
    EAN 7331915024106
  • 01. Same Old Bus
    02. If You Want This Love
    03. Up The Hills
    04. Moped Girl
    05. Universal Friend
    06. I Wonder
    07. Step By Step
    08. Watching The Moon
    09. Bilder
    10. Keep On Trying



    [engl] Writing somber songs that you want to play over and over agian or pop tunes that never comes off corny and singing them with perfection without sounding con- trived takes a unique voice. César Vidal from Swedish psych/60s/garage/indie-act Caesars aka Caesars Palace has that voice and he makes it all look so easy. The tracks on his debut solo album are ageless and could have landed softly into any decade from the 60s and onwards. There are hints of just about everything from jangly psych pop, British invasion, surf, shoegaze, lo-fi and punk, all delivered with the golden voice of a sad angel. César Vidal is a seasoned player after years with his band but here he really gets to stretch out and take full command of his entire musical universe without com- promising. Give a grain of sand lots of time and a pearl takes form in an oyster. César Vidal delivers not only a pearl but a necklace of perfect songs on this stunning solo debut. There are no fillers here, only killers.
    EAN 7331915024717
  • 01. I’ve Had Enough
    02. I Want You To Leave Me
    03. Even I Tell Lies
    04. What I Want
    05. Nightmares
    06. Gonna Make You Mine
    07. You Can’t Come Down
    08. Let It Be Me
    09. Apeman
    10. Now I Know
    11. When I’m Going Away
    12. It’s Cold
    13. You Don’t Love Me Anymore
    14. I Know Nothing
    15. Gotta Get Away
    16. Now I Have To Go


    It’s The Crimson F****** Shadows!

    [engl] Mid 80's Swedish neo garage teen punks the Crimson Shadows set the standards for the garage scene to come playing all original material in a time when most similar bands relied heavily on covers. They also understood that the clothes are as important as the music. During the short life span the Crimson Shadows released two self produced 45’s, and due to demand a few more records were released after the demise. The second ’45, “Even I Tell Lies”, stands as one of the classics of the whole eighties garage wave. It’s The Crimson F****** Shadows! is the definite collection of this legendary band containing a slew of horrific hits plus two previously unreleased tracks culled from a 1986 rehearsal tape.
    EAN 7331915024038
  • 01. Stadsvandringar
    02. Har du vart‘ i Stockholm?
    03. Solen stiger upp del 1 & del 2
    04. Stock och sten
    05. Sol och regn
    06. Fest
    07. Natten blir dag
    08. Andra sidan sjön
    09. Stadsvandringar del 2
    10. Vem vaktar lejonen?
    11. Krona
    12. Ät det som växer
    13. Om du vore en nattfjäril



    [engl] With their second album Dungen moved from a sound deeply rooted in Swedish folk music towards more psychedelia and 70’s pop. This missing link between the sparse debut and the world wide break through Ta Det Lugnt moves through 60’s and 70’s prog, psych, pop and folk with soaring flutes, woodsy violins, wicked fuzz guitars and frenetic jazz-drums. The record was originally released in 2002 under the name Stadsvandringar and a slightly different version got a very limited vinyl release as Dungen 2. II collects all tracks from Stadsvandringar and Dungen 2 as well as a single-track never available on vinyl all remastered by the original producer Mattias Glavå. Dungen’s music has expanded sonic boundaries all through the 2000s and II lets you explore both the butterfly light side as well as the heavier introspective aspects of a groundbreaking, yet retrospective band.
    EAN 7331915024823
  • cover


    The Boy in the Paisley Shirt

    [engl] Beatles, Stones, Who, Kinks, Hendrix, Dusty and Tages - the music explosion of the 60's in Gothenburg seen through the lens of Hans Sidén's camera. He sat so close to the band that he could've leaned forward and touched Lennon's shoes when The Beatles played Cirkus in October 1963. He bantered with Rolling Stones in a hotel room, went to the discoteque with The Who and had dinner with The Troggs. He hitched a ride with Tages to Stockholm and with The Hep Stars to Borås, served Cat Stevens home made pizza, lent stacks of Tamla Motown and Stax singles to english DJ Clem Dalton and hung around every soundcheck when the stars came to town. Journalist, illustrator and author Hans Sidén had front row tickets to the music scene in Gothenburg, Sweden all through the sixties and happened to bring his cameras. His photographed is a vibrant testimony of a distans, yet oddly present decade. The Boy in the Paisley Shirt is his story seen through the lens of his camera.
    EAN 978-91-519-1139-7
  • 01. Lighthouse
    02. Conspiracy Theories
    03. Too Many Mistakes
    04. Running Shoes
    05. This Creepy Feeling
    06. Lucinda Payne
    07. The Magic of You
    08. If I Were You
    09. Blood Moon Over Manhattan
    10. Black, Grey & Blue
    11. Falling Out of Love



    [engl] Raised on poetry and power chords, harmony vocals and twelve string guitars, anglophilism and americana, Janne Borgh of The Moderns/Strindbergs fame is a hopelessly romantic soul who quotes anyone from Lord Byron to Ray Davies. With Janne Borgh Fanclub the gracefully aging power-pop genius returns with a candy bag of comforting songs from a desperate heart. A flight plan in turbulent times.
  • 01. Reflections of Charles Brown
    02. The Way of the Crowd
    03. In the heat of the morning
    04. On a Clear Day (You can see Forever)
    05. 2 Man without a Dream
    06. Undun


    The Way Of The Crowd

    [engl] Magnus Carlson of Weeping Willows fame is back with the new EP The Way Of The Crowd. For this release, Magnus went for the trio format together with the formi- dable Ljunggren brothers of Trummor & Orgel on Ludwig drums and Hammond respectively. The result is an imma- culate and soulful delivery which captures the intimacy of a small, but very tight musical outfit working together in perfect harmony.
    EAN 7331915024137
  • 01. Got To Have Pop
    02. Say Yes
    03. The Year Of Today
    04. When The Time Comes
    05. Ready For The 80’S
    06. Identity
    07. She Said Go
    08. Tell Me Where The Action Is
    09. Surburban Life
    10. Circles
    11. Barn Av Idag
    12. Gudar I Svart
    13. Våld Föder Våld (Fighting Mix)


    Suburban Life

    [engl] Sweden's first and best mod-revival band The Moderns mixed the love of 60's pop with the intensity of punk and had the big breakthrough around the corner during the short but intense career, including support to Echo & The Bunnymen on their first English tour in 1980. The band's first EP The Year of Today from 1979 is a classic. Along with the second single, songs from a couple of compilation albums and some completely unreleased tracks, here comes the definitive collection with The Modern's first lineup.
    EAN 7331915024991
  • 01. It’s Everywhere I Go
    02. Blink of an eye
    03. 3rd level
    04. Emotionally Free
    05. ENA KMA
    06. Rifle
    07. Try Love
    08. We got


    3rd Level

    [engl] Born in Iraq but raised in Sweden, Prince of Assyria stands with one foot in Baghdad and one foot in Scandinavian melancholy. As a Mesopotamian royalty sentenced to diaspora in an Astrid Lindgren saga, he builds longing bridges between East and West that have touched a dedicated fanbase far beyond Sweden’s borders. Teasing, spooky, grinding, fateful and swarmy, sometimes stripped like Nick Drake or Leonard Cohen, sometimes dramatic and theatrical as Tindersticks or Lambchop, sometimes with obvious but usually only hinted references to his Assyrian origins. And then that golden voice of his. Prince of Assyria enchants his audience whether he performs at Café De La Danse in Paris, Lido in Berlin or Bar Loose in Helsinki. His debut record Missing Note from 2009 made him a favourite among the critics with his acoustic songs full of bittersweet sadness about lost love, desperation and threatening madness. On the sequel Changing Places in 2014 Prince of Assyria’s multifaceted explorations continued, now with a broader emotional register and warmer production. After six years of silence he is finally back with his album 3rd Level released in September on Busy Bee Production on vinyl, CD and streaming services. Here Prince of Assyria dives deep right into the magic world of the 60’s and takes his songwriting and production to a whole new level. Playing almost all the instru- ments by himself the songs have been recorded and re-recorded over and over to catch the turmoil of the past years. Death, illness, breakups, homelessness – the songs on 3rd Level have gone through almost as much as Prince of Assyria himself. There were times when he never thought he would be capable of putting it all together but here we are at last with an outstanding record of intricate patterns soon to be uncovered to the world. Prince of Assyria’s music cannot be captured – after three superb albums it’s fair to say that he sounds like no other, just like himself. All other comparisons are superfluous.
    EAN 7331915024731
  • 01. The Music Movement
    02. Love Says
    03. Be Voiceful
    04. Good Vibes
    05. Poem
    06. Poets Have Fun Too



    [engl] The American award-winning poetic voice Sekou Andrews has spent the past fifteen years or more inspiring audiences across the globe as one of the most successful, full-time spoken word artists. In 2019 he collaborated with the alternative European/American neo-classical orchestra The String Theory on six tracks recorded between Los Angeles and Berlin. The result is a genre-bending album of spoken word and orchestral music which received a Grammy 2020 nomination for best spoken word. Sekou Andrews truly knows how to rock and has helped millions of people finding their voice.
    EAN 7331915024724
  • 01. New Orleans
    02. Don’t Just Look At Me
    03. Bad Bad Woman
    04. Shake
    05. Move Out Of My Mind
    06. She Said Yeah
    07. Now We’re Thru’
    08. All I Want Is My Baby
    09. Too Much Monkey Business
    10. Who Will Buy (These Wonderful Evils)?
    11. Family Way
    12. Hold On I’m Coming
    13. Summertime Blues
    14. Tracks Remain
    15. The 46 In Wind Street
    16. Day Tripper
    17. Bye Bye Johnny


    Tracks Remain

    [engl] If Tages was Sweden’s Beatles then The Shakers were Sweden’s Stones. They were a little darker and a little more dangerous, but alas very short lived. Tracks Remain compiles the band’s best tracks remastered, of which several has never before been released on vinyl.
    EAN 7331915024199
  • 01. Galaxy Gramophone
    02. Grand Canaria
    03. Instant Repeater ’99
    04. Greatest Hit Providers#
    05. Retired Teenage Angst
    06. Four Ages Part 1
    07. Rest In Peace
    08. Endless Song
    09. Cleaning Session Raga
    10. Four Ages Part 2


    Homo Habilis Blues / Romelanda Sessions 1995

    [engl] Swedish mantra sliders The Soundtrack of Our Lives dug deep into the backyard of rock history from day one. The five songs on their debut EP Homo Habilis Blues from 1996 move seamlessly through all sorts of sonic spheres without losing their timeless, distinct T.S.O.O.L. sound. It’s mysterious and ominous and at the same time only rock ’n’ roll. And we like it. Now the EP is finally released on vinyl just as God intended. The remastered songs sound better than ever and the album has been expanded with tracks from the legendary Romelanda sessions. The journey through time and space for the last really great rock band couldn’t have taken off any better.
    EAN 7393210633018
  • 01. Let’s Go Baby (Where The Action Is)
    02. Take Her Any Time
    03. Only In Her Home Town
    04. Blue Bird
    05. Trouble And Tea
    06. You Just Gotta Know My Name
    07. Baby You’ve Got It
    08. Whiskey Man
    09. I Don’t Care
    10. Midnight Hour
    11. Viva L’amour
    12. You Don’t Love Me
    13. Fruitseller Oldman’s Song
    14. She’s Down
    15. Bara Ett Par Dar


    Only in her Town

    [engl] Stockholm-based Steampacket was formed in the autumn of 1965. After three gigs in Sweden in the spring of 1966, the band went on touring in England, discovered that there was already a Steampacket which included Rod Stewart, changed its name to The Longboatmen but called themself Steampacket II back in Sweden. The band released eight singles but oddly enough never an LP. Today, the singles are collectibles and Take her any time one of the 60s best Freakbeat / Garage fuzz tracks ever. Now Steampacket’s gems are coming together for the first time on LP. Studio recordings, live recordings and previo- usly unreleased material with Mikael Ramel.
    EAN 7331915024977
  • 01. Don't Put Me Down
    02. Wild Trip
    03. Speed Freak
    04. Dr. Syn
    05. I'm Going Away
    06. Eegah!
    07. Cry
    08. Don't Mess with My Mind
    09. R&B No. 65
    10. Waiting
    11. Almost There
    12. Heart of Stone
    13. Something Weird


    The Speed Freak

    [engl] The Stomachmouths were one of the earliest pure garage bands in the European garage revival of the 1980s. Along with local Swedish colleagues the Crimson Shadows they strove for authenticity in replicating the sound and the look of the original '60s inspirators, primarily from the US. The band were undoubtedly kings of the scene, received immediate international attention with their self-released debut 45 and toured extensively in Europe leaving memories of tremendous shows. Band leader Stefan Kéry later went on to form the successful independent Xotic Mind/Subliminal Sounds record label.
  • 01. Batman
    02. One Ugly Child
    03. Demented Perverts
    04. Jag Är En Människa
    05. Ex Offender
    06. Blitzkrieg Bop
    07. Asshole
    08. Gloria
    09. Breakdown
    10. I Don’t Want To See You Go
    11. Civilization
    12. Jag Är En Människa
    13. Jesus In A Can
    14. I Hate Skateboards
    15. Bad Vibrations
    16. Search & Destroy


    Demented Perverts

    [engl] Straitjacket with Freddie Wadling on bass and vocals was one of the first punk bands in Sweden. The first gig took place at a motorcycle club and at a gig shortly afterwards, the band was offered money by the organizer to leave the stage prematurely. The band split in the summer of 1978 and the members continued in bands such as Liket lever, The Leather Nun and Blue for Two. Straitjacket never had time to make an album, but after searching in the members' stashes we are proud to finally release the mythical Gothenburg punks on LP more than 40 years later. The album consists of a collection of demos and a live recording from the last concert at the legendary club Errol's in 1978. Protopunk in a true sense.
    EAN 7331915024717
  • 01. Winds
    02. Vendome
    03. Spy
    04. Maracatu
    05. Lilja
    06. France
    07. Forro
    08. Ciceron


    Demented Perverts

    [engl] Producer/songwriter/artist Andreas Kleerup (Robyn, Neneh Cherry, Lykke Li, Teddybears Sthlm and others) team up with Andreas Unge, mean bass player/ producer having spent years in Africa working with Oumou Sangaré, Salif Keita, Cheikh Lô, Youssou N’Dour and others. The result is the electronica/ kraut manifestation Temple & Young. After a road trip through Europe in an old Volvo packed with an arsenal of old instruments and recording equip- ment Temple & Young settled in a cottage in a rural village in the French countryside and turned the second floor into a studio where the duo captured the beating heart of an endless summer. While not swimming under the stars the duo mapped out their collective consciousness with driving, mathe- matical grooves in a land somewhere between 70s Düsseldorf and 90s Manchester that oozes cheap drinks, club nights and love. Temple & Young have made a timeless, hypnotic and mind-expanding space travel, here in a limited vinyl edition. Make sure to grab one before summer is over.
    EAN 7331915024588
  • 01. THE GREGORY ALLAN - Pastures of Pori
    02. CARELESS - Desolate Time
    03. HOLDERS - I only want to look at you
    04. NEEDLES - A dying man
    05. JIM AND THE BEATMAKERS - The truth
    06. JIM PEMBROKE AND THE PEMS - I don’t mind I got mine
    07. NEEDLES - You turned me down
    08. HITCH HIKERS - Meditation
    09. JORMAS - The Locomotion
    10. THE BEAT STONES - Today is my bad/lucks day
    11. VICTORS - I’m in love with you
    12. MODS - Tommy Jones
    13. DOWNWALKERS - I don’t believe you
    14. RONDO FOUR - On the road
    15. SCAFFOLDS - Sweet Sally
    16. WIREMEN AND BUDDY - Shanghai
    17. THE GREGORY ALLAN - Shapes of Surprise
    18. ESQUIRES - Olisin Iloinen


    Diggin’ For Gold vol 11

    [engl] Since 1993 the Diggin’ For Gold series has unearthed obscure 60’s beat/garage/pop nuggets from around the world. Lovingly curated by master collectors extraordinaire, remastered from the best sources and packaged with informative liner notes and pictures. Busy Bee are proud to help put out the latest installment in the series, jam-packed with delights you’ve never heard of. For the first time a compilation with the best and rarest 1960’s beat 45’s from Finland. Diggin’ For Gold volume 12 is a treat on many levels and not only are the Finnish 60’s 45’s among the tuffest to locate for 60’s beat collectors, an eye-opener for sure!
    EAN 7331915024014