Hearts Bleed Blue

  • 01. E Agora Eu Preciso
    02. Amarela
    03. Pesadelo na Cidade
    04. Nada Demais (ft. Luiz Gadelha e Joe Gomes)
    05. Palíndromo (ft. Deny Bonfante)
    06. Mesmo Que Mude (Bidê ou Balde)
    07. Arrastão
    08. Ahhh Ah
    09. Dentro de Um Outono


    Objetos Arremessados Pela Janela

    [engl] "Objetos Arremessados Pela Janela'', debut album by Acidental was released by Hearts Bleed Blue (HBB) on May 21, 2021. “I'm really looking forward to the release of the album, expectations are high. We have a lot of cool stuff to release during the promotion, and the album itself is perfect, believe me”, says the frontman Alexandre The first single released was a version of the track “Mesmo Que Mude”, by the "gauchos" of Bidê ou Balde. According to Alexandre, the idea came about when he decided that he would include a cover on Acidental's first album. "E agora eu preciso" is the second single from the album. “This song sums up the album's theme very well, both in terms of the lyrics and the production part.
  • 01. Quando A Polícia Chegar
    02. Problema Seu
    03. Verão
    04. O Que Que Você Quer?
    05. Demais
    06. What You Mean To Me
    07. Rolo Compressor
    08. Be My Baby
    09. Jet To The Jungle
    10. A Sua Vinda Até Aqui
    11. Telecatch


    O Futuro Dos Autoramas

    [engl] "O Futuro dos Autoramas" is the band's seventh album and the first with the line-up that includes Gabriel Thomaz (vocals and guitar), Érika Martins (voice, guitar, keyboards and percussion), Melvin (bass and vocals) and Fred Castro (drums). With eleven tracks the album was produced by Autoramas and Lê Almeida - with his more than characteristic work - and mastered and mixed by Jim Diamond, a Detroit producer who has worked with bands like Sonics, White Stripes and Dirtbombs. The recordings took place in four different studios in Rio de Janeiro: Toca do Bandido, Office, Superstudio and Warner-Chappell Studio. “It's a very important release, at a crucial moment in the band's career. While the project has been going on for a long time, we feel like it's a new band, new blood. It is the best finished album of Autoramas and marks the beginning of a new phase, hence the name ‘O Futuro dos Autoramas’”, says Gabriel Thomaz. The single "Quando a Polícia Chegar", the opening track of the album, has a video produced and filmed in Berlin, Germany, during one of the band's European tours.
  • 01. Silêncio, Barulho a Vista
    02. Apocalypso
    03. Rytmus Alucynantis
    04. Tsunami
    05. Cat Friend
    06. Down The Ball
    07. Xadrez Com Karpov
    08. Ponta Negra Rocksteady
    09. TexMex Camino
    10. Final Feliz
    11. Charme Chermont


    Rytmus Alucynantis

  • 01. If I Had One
    02. Pere Ubu
    03. Cowboy
    04. All The Sufferring
    05. Fuzz
    06. She Came So
    07. Take It
    08. Crow
    09. The One
    10. Bleeding
    11. Fiction



    [engl] Formed by Brazilians Gustavo Riviera and Paulo Kishimoto from the band Forgotten Boys and American Steve Shelley from Sonic Youth, Riviera Gaz presents their debut album “Connection” on CD, LP and K7, released Hearts Bleed Blue (HBB). The band, as drummer Steve describes it, is “international and multiracial” and for that reason, “Connection” took three sessions to take shape. In the first one, Ubu, Take it, Crowboy were recorded and also appear on their 2016's EP. As two other recording sessions took place when the trio were on tour. “For the process to be legal, the direct mix will be done very well, without any fuss. John represented this very well. We will work more and more in gear, but the result of the record is very coherent”, says vocalist and guitarist Gustavo. The album, full of cultural references, has the title and the track Cowboy inspired in the film “The Connection” (1961) by Shirley Clarke, based on the play by Jack Gelber. Pere Ubury, text by Alfred Jar King Ubury. The cover of “Connection” features a work by the plastic artist Hudinilson Jr. (1957 - 2013). However, as musical influences that pass through The Kinks, T.Rex, Velvet Underground, Ramones, Beatles and Rolling Stones, also appear on Riviera Gaz's debut album. If I Had One track that talks about hopelessness, according to Gustavo, it was designed to sound like the Ramones, but then it was transformed. “It was the last song written for the record, it's fresh and reveals the energy that the band is”, he says. "Bleeding", with influences from The Kinks and The Stooges, was composed in the studio during recording. “I had the base, we discussed a few things, took stock and recorded. This song for me is the final scene of a movie, set in the last moments of life, a little confused, death coming”, reveals Gustavo.