Ruin Nation

  • 01 . Asche & Fragen
    02 . Neben Mir
    03 . Short Fuse
    04 . Auf Kredit
    05 . So What!?
    06 . Echos
    07 . Junk For Inner Peace
    08 . Warhawks
    09 . Instabile Realitäten


    Another Pair Of Eyes

    [engl] The third album of Hamburg's steamroller noise punk merchants A.F.K. (Aargh Fuck Kill) - Nine new songs that, compare to their last album, see a u-turn back to their roots of full throttle hardcore punk with a aggressive sonic intensity! Lyrics shouted in German and English show and tell a description of the insanity, frustration and anger that lies in the void of the current state of society. Especially in the past two years. One can say that A.F.K. along with their mates from INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL are the pinnacle of the current Hamburg crust punk exports!
    LP pink
  • 01. First Demons
    02. Debris Of Conscience
    03. Night Of Thousand Screams
    04. Birth Of The Void
    05. Prophetic Misery
    06. Trial
    07. S.A.P.
    08. Blackfuckingblack


    First Demons - Birth Of The Void

    [engl] The debut recording of AKRASIA now finally on vinyl. A cataclysmic and massive crust-monster from Planet Oslo, Norway, that sounds like it's made out of bits and pieces of AMEBIX and VENOM with HAWKWIND's ""Space Ritual"" and heaps of KILLING JOKE in the mix. A huge monolith of black vinyl and eight tracks of ""space-crust"" if you might say so.
  • 01. The Observer
    02. Embrace The Darkness


    Observe The Darkness

    [engl] The follow up to 2018's debut album ""First Demons"" with two long crushing and roaring old school psychedelic metal-CRUST anthems from outta space. A heavy weight AMEBIX meets HELLHAMMER with KILLING JOKE in company and those comparisons are for real and not just some soulless marketing stunt. AKRASIA rule a crossover reality painted with the colors of decadence, cosmic horror, post-apocalyptic and sci-fi pantheons as well as a strong anti-religious and anti-authoritarian life approach.
  • 01. Banners Over The Wasteland
    02. Blind Acceptance
    03. Casualties Of A Rape Culture
    04. Officer Down
    05. Warehousing Prisoners
    06. It's Time To Cut The Shit
    07. We Don't Need Them


    We Don't Ned Them

    [engl] "We Don’t Need Them" is the second full-length record from West Virginia puns Appalachian Terror Unit. ATU have become known throughout the years as being one of the most politically charged bands in the current punk scene. This new record is an all out attack on today’s society that takes ATU to a new level of intensity both lyrically and musically. The combination of the beautiful and thought provoking gatefold cover (with art designed by Stiv of War) along with the brilliant recording and mastering job by Jay Matheson at the Jam Room take this record even further. Song subjects include the horrors of war, police brutality, destruction of the environment, rape culture, consumerism and much more. Expect a very heavy and much angrier approach from a band that has been around the block and matured their sound. Seven raging new tunes including the epic fourteen and a half minute track“We Don’t Need Them”, a song that will one day be ranked among similar greats as the SUBHUMANS “From the Cradle to the Grave” and AUS ROTTEN “And Now Back to Our Programming”. "
  • 01. All Roads Lead To Hulme
    02. Babylon Rock
    03. Run Like A Girl
    04. DOG


    All Quiet On The Western Front

    [engl] "Almost four years have passed since the AUTONOMADS recent full length album ""One Day All This Will be Gone…"". Now, in 2018, the band from Manchester team up again with four new tracks of anarcho-politcal fueled mix of punk, ska , dub and folk. Lyrically dealing with the gloom and misery of gentrification, racism, everyday sexism and the repression and despair within the working class. With their numerous tours and previous two full length LPs, not forgetting their split album with the BLACK STAR DUB COLLECTIVE; the AUTONOMADS soon became one of the outstanding UK DUB PUNK acts within the DIY and independent scene. If you like the INNER TERRESTRIALS or AOS3 you can't go wrong here.
  • 01 . Earth
    02 . Prisons
    03 . TV Screen
    04 . Progress
    05 . Fears
    06 . Monuments
    07 . Beasts
    08 . One
    09 . DIY
    10 . Sirens
    11 . Machines
    12 . Illusions
    13 . Safe



    [engl] Originally released by the mighty FLAT EARTH RECORDS in 1997, "Monuments" features 13 tracks of slow, heavy and menacing Anarcho punk played by these six lads from Wigan,UK. Touring excessively around Europe with their rusty Transit, CRESS soon became legendary for their infamous old-school Anarcho-Punk 1-2-1-2 drum tempo sound and chanted hard-hitting slogans to fuse it to the modern D.I.Y. punk sound! - Slow, heavy and menacing mayhem riding along the lines of ANTISECT, FLUX OF PINK INDIANS with a pinch of KILLING JOKE, dark tripped-out sound effects and keyboard, loads of anger aimed at the desecrators of our earth. Punk! Lyrics that are truly heartfelt and well thought out, straightforward and sincere, I can feel the compassion and conviction of the punk community when I hear these songs. This is the kind of stuff that keeps me going! It did so in 1997 and it does today! Nailed on my turntable.
  • 01. City Of Dust
    02. Twist Of Fate
    03. Overpass
    04. Eating Poison
    05. Mental Slavery
    06. D.M.T.
    07. The Pattern
    08. Redemption



    [engl] "Autosarcophagy" was recorded, arranged and mixed between 2016 and 2017 and finally finished 2020. Featured here are 8 tracks recorded just prior their final 2017 US Tour. Cross Stitched Eyes continue to combine elements of postpunk and deathrock from the likes of early KILLING JOKE, AMEBIX and RUDIMENTARY PENI with more obscure psychedelic rock influences , odd timings and drone like compositions. Lyrically once again exploring with the darkest and twisted corners of the mind as well as personal nightmares and haunting experiences. - ""Autosarcophagy"" might be a slight musical departure from previous Cross Stitched Eyes recordings but you still smell the peni!
    LP purple
  • 01. Storm Coming
    02. Fast Music Doesn't Mean Violent Dancing
    03. A Plea For Peace
    04. Can't See The Woods
    05. Humane Humans
    06. No End In Sight
    07. Narrow Minded Bigots
    08. The End
    09. Braindead
    10. Judge & Be Damned
    11. Home Of The Brave
    12. Solution Available
    13. A Taste Of Their Own Medicine
    14. Headfucked
    15. Craven Image
    16. State Worse Than Death
    17. The Last Giant
    18. Can't See The Woods (Live)
    19. Sometimes
    20. Everythings's Fine
    21. Warning
    22. Slow Death
    23. Chained To Morality
    24. Instrumental
    25. Internal Life
    26. Take It Back
    27. State Worse Than Death
    28. One Law For Them...
    29. ...Another Law For Us!
    30. Final Strike
    31. The Man Who Cleaned The Bog
    32. New World Disorder
    33. Money From Greed
    34. You'll Sue Who?
    35. If The Earth Dies,We Die
    36. New Faces, Same Old Shit


    Still Chained (Discography)

    [engl] "The entire discography of this shortlived but influential early nineties anarcho punk band from Glasgow, Scotland. This is fast-paced and shredding anarcho punk with little excursions into the crust-punk genre here and there. Dual fe/male vocals and alot of lyrical topics of todays society that are still relevant. DISAFFECT releases most their material via NABATE RECORDS from Belgium as well as FLAT EARTH RECORDS from the UK. Both labels were pioneering the nineties DIY punk wave alot with bands like ONE BY ONE, HIATUS, SEDITION, UNHINGED etc etc. DISAFFECT stopped playing in 1994 and members moved on to other projects such as SCATHA, CONSTANT FEAR, BRAIN ANGUISH and QUARANTINE. In 2019 the band reformed with a new rhythm section to play occassionally the one or the other festival. The DISAFFECT discography includes the ""An Injury To One..."" 7"" EP from 1992, the split 7"" with SEDITION from 1993, the ""Home Of The Brave"" 7""EP from 1993 (reissued 3 times!) and their 1994 released debut LP ""Chained To Morality"" as well as the ultra rare split 7"" with BIZARRE UPROAR also from 1994. As a bonus you will find the best tracks of the 1991 ""Demotape"" with the missing tracks available as download. Housed in a beatifully crafted Gatefold-sleeve with additional 16 pages booklet including lyrics and linernotes. "
  • 01. Storm Infernal
    02. Black Horse
    03. Ablation
    04. Hutan
    05. Burning
    06. Thawing
    07. Oceans Run Red
    08. Avalanche Martyrs
    09. Tempest
    10. Vortices



    [engl] "At last the long awaited new album from Melbourne's crucial crust ensemble ""ExtinctExist"" is finally here - It's been ages in the making but now all parts are together and you should get ready for a massive attack of no nonsense crustcore from these veteran members of the Australian DIY Punk underground. ExtinctExist pick up where they left on ""Cursed Earth"" (2016) and deliver 10 new rippers of heavy and crushing D-beat infused ""CRUST"" (in capitals!) with slaps of moody dirge-ridden passages and a metallic edge here and there. "Anthropocene" as a concept album is reflecting upon "the human epoch" as palbearer of our environment for animals and nature as well as many indigenous cultures and ethnicities.
  • 01. Demon Fukushima
    02. Nightmare Strain
    03. Damned Dominion
    04. Scourge Amazonia
    05. Extinctio In Ignorantia
    06. Howls Echo


    Cursed Earth

    [engl] "This is brute and heavy bulldozer crust from Melbourne, Australia going berserk! EXTINCT EXIST features members of NUCLEAR DEATH TERROR, PISSCHRIST and ABC WEAPONS at work and you might get a hint where this journey will take you. Their 4 track Demo Cassette*, recorded in 2013 sold out within no time and we’re happy to announce 6 new blasting tracks for this release! Expect no blunt D - Beat , but rather the old "" Peaceville , Metal , Punk "" school! Crucial Crust just like: ""The sound of an blood encrusted war- machine running rampant in your living room"".
  • 01. Harvest Of Discontent
    02. Baptised In Shit
    03. Extinction Of Mankind
    04. Homecomer
    05. Reverse Effect
    06. Pray For The Dawn
    07. Plague
    08. Scourge
    09. Confusion
    10. Brain Dead
    11. Natural Adaption


    Babtised In Shit

    [engl] """Baptised In Shit"" is the 1995 debut album of Manchesters crucial-crust institution EXTINCTION OF MANKIND. Reissued via Ruin Nation Records and available again on vinyl for the first time in 17 Years and for the very first time as digital download! Originally published in 1995 by Skuld Releases, written and recorded by the (semi) original line up you find the E.O.M. sound pointing more towards a unique combination of early 80´s UK Peace-Punk like ICONS OF FILTH with a heavy dose of ANTI-SECT influence but with a far superior 90´s production and a really heavy guitar-ridden sound that remind me quite a bit of CELTIC FROST. Tracked, recorded and mixed 1995 at the legendary Whitehouse Studios by Martin Nichols who also took great care in remastering and adjusting the songs from the original DAT master for the digital download that comes with the vinyl. We also restored all the original artwork and the package includes a 12"" sized 6 panel folder with all lyrics as well as artwork by Squeal, Nick Blinko and Paul Smith. Also included is a B2 sized version of the Poster that came with the original pressing. First 265 copies come on limited yellow and black marbled vinyl and will be shipped around the 4th of October. Additional black vinyl copies will be delayed to early 2022 so don't sleep on this one.
  • 01. Upadek
    02. Poszanowanie Ró?norodno?ci
    03. W Piekle Codzienno?ci
    04. Ob??dna Rzeczywisto??
    05. Rejs Ku Zag?adzie
    06. Bastard
    07. Cywilizacja Jednorazowego U?ytku *
    08. Zamkni?ty Rozdzia?
    09. Czas Ko?ca Wieku
    10. Na Kraw?dzi ?ycia
    11. M?ski ?wiat
    12. Zwiastun
    13. XX Wiek
    14. Fundament


    The Final Chapter

    [engl] A semi-legendary classic of 90'ties Polish CRUST is finally back in black. FILTH OF MANKIND not only took their name from an early MISERY song but also managed to put a ton of more heaviness on top of the already crushing MISERY sound and developed a soundtrack of moody, ultra heavy and atmospheric CRUST with heaps of Death Metal. The impending doom was never put into a crust punk album with more accuracy. Now, after more then 16 years since it's last vinyl reissue, this masterpiece is finally available again faithfully remastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. F.O.M. formed in Gdansk, Poland in 1996 and only recorded the 7" and the album before the classic line-up folded in 2001 with members parting ways to concentrate on new projects. Just one of them being the mighty MORNE from Boston,USA. A version of F.O.M. continued for a few years but never recorded anything during that period. Micha? and Pawel "Balon" went on to form DEATH CRUSADE who are also still active today. The Lyrics, all sung in polish, dealing with poverty, repression, racism and exploitation all wrapped into a dark vision of the impending apocalypse caused by capitalism and warmongers alike. Nothing that is all news but also nothing that has resolved over the years. - The album features an insert with translations into English. Vinyl copies of this Discography double album come in a heavy Gatefold-sleeve with Insert Poster and an etched D-side, featuring a design by Hillarie Jason.
  • 01. Thieves And Liars
    02. Absolute Brutality
    03. Blind
    04. Evilution
    05. Belief
    06. Human Misery
    07. Function
    08. Game Of Survival
    09. Religion
    10. Fucked Up World
    11. Desensitize
    12. Nightmare
    13. No Heroes
    14. World Of Hate


    Human Misery

    [engl] "The fourth studio album of Newcastle upon Tyne's crust punk institution by the name HELLKRUSHER. The band formed in 1989 by members of ""Hellbastard"" and ""Energetic Krusher"" and soon became an institution within the Crustpunk genre. They released several albums and Eps along their way as well as extensive tours with FINAL WARNING and DIRT in the nineties. Now, apart from a couple of split 7""s between 1997 and 2017, this forth studio album is the first full length in 21 years. Fourteen raging and pumping songs about the horrors of modern society in everyday way. Musically linked somewhere between VARUKERS and ""Hear Nothing, Say Nothing"" DISCHARGE, all twisted up with a massive doses of thrash and crust core. Well done Hellkrusher!
  • 01. Afterworld
    02. Night Terrors
    03. Quantum Sickness
    04. Fathom Unknown
    05. No Dawn In Sight
    06. To Hell
    07. Welcome To The Void
    08. Reaper In The Wind


    Shadows Of The Afterworld

    [engl] The second full length LP from Portland's HELLSHOCK lives up to everything we hoped for and more. Eight new killer tracks of crust punk that sounds as if it were right out of the late 1980's UK crust explosion! Recorded during the same session as the recently released Warlord EP, the sound is just as crystal clear so you feel the full brunt of each note as it smashes you in the face. Absolutely essential!
  • 01. Deal Death Terror
    02. Dig Your Own Grave
    03. Mad Surgeon
    04. Free?
    05. Homicidal Homeopath
    06. Heartattack
    07. All The Same
    08. Cricifixiation
    09. Last Words
    10. Bonus Track (2005 Demo/12Tracks)


    Extended Plays + Demo

    [engl] 9 Tracks from both 7"s plus the entire 12 track demo on one disc to keep it available and affordable! HEVN is one of the most impressive exports from Oslo / Norway - this as a mix of a freshly more crusty version of SO MUCH HATE go on rampage with more old school anarcho punk/crust... A Pissed off female vocalist in support of a full throttle soundtrack of powerful drums, guitars in a wide range of variety in songwriting and performing... Great! - Comes in an 8 panel cardboard folder.
  • 01 . In The Beginning...
    02 . Upper Class Crisis
    03 . Brainwashed Population
    04 . Horrendous Police Control
    05 . Negative Answer
    06 . Mindless Fucked Up Movement
    07 . Don't Think With Your Dick
    08 . Marketing Joke
    09 . Purulent Stench Of War
    10 . Bloody Prejudices
    11 . Careful Consumption
    12 . Point Of No Return
    13 . Unbearable Calvary Murders
    14 . Life Conception
    15 . Under The Flag Of Hypocrisy
    16 . Born To Booze (Live To Wine)


    From Revolt

    [engl] The 1993 debut full-length of Belgium's crust punk institution HIATUS! Originally released by the legendary Sound Pollution Records of Hellnation's Ken Hansford. The original release was a quite hard to find item for decades, until now twenty-nine years after its initial release and 12 months at the pressing plant we present you the official reissue of this Euro-Crustpunk classic. Packed with 16 tracks of fast, raw and powerful scandi-crust infused hardcore punk with incredible force behind it's production. The sound of HIATUS was massively influenced by the likes of DOOM and ANTI-CIMEX but with a dash of hardrock-esque mid-tempo lines thrown in here and there to lay the foundation that will become the unmistakable unique HIATUS style. The range of lyrical topics is shockingly still too relevant even three decades later. Poverty, Police Violence, Fascism, Sexists, Warmonger, Drug abuse, Animal rights, Sell outs... like nothing has changed at all! Includes a double sided lyric sheet and a bonus poster. All artwork has been restored as close to the original as possible.
    LP green
  • 01. End Is Near
    02. Virtual Man
    03. What's Wrong With My Nightmare
    04. Ecocide
    05. Clockwise
    06. Human Distortion
    07. Out Of Hand
    08. Apocalypsick
    09. Sound On Sound
    10. Headstone Home
    11. Innocent Team
    12. Bigger Graveyard
    13. Destroy Me (2022)


    Out Of Hand

    [engl] Legendary Hiatus return with Out of Hand, a powerful blend of Jupiler fuelled melodic crust punk and enduring political message, marking a vibrant continuation of their '90s legacy. "Out of Hand" is the third full album of these Belgian crust punks and their first new recording since 1996's "self titled (the brain)" MLP on Skuld Releases. Raging furious The album contains 12 new and one re-recorded track. and you can be sure that HIATUS did not lost any of their power and musical ferocity and talent to write songs that are just so much more than just "crust punk" by all means... a big nod to the mighty UNHINGED!
  • 01. Undurchschwimmbar
    02. Unkontrollierbar
    03. Egel Ekelstaat
    04. Erste Weltsicht
    05. Saures Blut
    06. Mauern
    07. Plastikspaten
    08. Edelmut


    Fallen Lassen

    [engl] A young and new punk band formed by some dedicated activists from the Bremen area! Their first 8 recorded songs impressed us, both music wise and lyric wise, so much that we decided to help them out with producing a proper demo CD and make it a benefit as well. In Iratus ( Latin for: "in rage"... roughly translated ) play a set of personal and political hardcore punk with polemic lyrics and shredding guitars. It's aggressive and passionated without jumping on the modern band wagon of this so called "neo crust" or what so ever... LIVE a joy to watch... :) Comes with beautiful wood cut artwork by Armsrock in a hardpaper full color 12 page booklet sleeve including artwork and lyrics as well as informations on "anti-repression" activism ...
  • 01. Smoke
    02. Law Dealers
    03. Just Say Neigh
    04. Flag
    05. Run Tings
    06. Progress
    07. Tales Of Terror
    08. Heaven's Wrath
    09. Battlefield
    10. Dark Scar
    11. 30 Pieces Of Silver
    12. In The Name Of The Father
    13. Boundaries
    14. The Dream Of Brian Haw


    Tales Of Terror

    [engl] "IT! doesn't need too much of a description. Third album of this UK anarcho-dub/reggae-punk group. Being on the road for a mere of 15 years now the INNER TERRESTRIALS deliver 14 new tracks devided on two 12"" LPs wrapped in a thick gatefold and 21x21 12 Page Booklet... Back in 2009 the Inner Terrestrials whetted everyone’s appetites by releasing an excellent four song pre release EP to Tales of Terror. After 3 years of anticipatory salivating, the album is finally ready and it was definitely worth the wait. It’s hard to believe that their first LP iT! was released sixteen ago in 1996 but the Inner Terrestrials have remained impressively faithful to their original sound. Satisfyingly thick distortion sandwiches prickly ska on nearly every track and the album is peppered with welcome descents into the experimental realms of dub. Jay has a real knack for fiddling about with upstrokes, managing to squeeze in quirky flourishes and cheeky slides which keep chord sequences lively and interesting. Fran and Paco keep everything in check, providing solid bass and pounding drums throughout the album. Aside from “Battlefield” which features Jay’s haunting tin whistle and Cheggers’ bouzouki, the band’s folk influences are perhaps less overt than they were in iT! with “Free the Land” or X with “Mountain Of Led”. Tales of Terror does however maintain a fairly healthy balance between the more hardcore and the lighter songs. “Run Tings” is cheerful, despite its dour subject of social control, and is sprinkled with soundbytes, while the choppy distorted upstrokes of “Progress” are guaranteed to get any crowd skanking furiously. “Heaven’s Wrath” is possibly my favourite track which glides effortlessly between hardcore punk, dub and ska and is everything an Inner Terrestrials track should be: angry, dubby and thoroughly stompable. (...)Tales of Terror perfectly captures their unsettled, miserable quality which is as if Jay is singing through a sigh; accentuated by downtrodden harmonies in the fantastic “Law Dealers” and punctuated with contrasting gruff, angry snarls in “Dark Scar”. The lyrics are brimming with political disdain; passionately decrying outmoded laws, speaking out against the UK’s dubious foreign policy and rejecting aspects of society few have barely questioned. Environmentally conscious songs such as “Progress” reinforce the Inner Terrestrials’ deep concern regarding man’s relation to the land; an issue explored in earlier releases in tracks such as “Earth Must” and “Middle Oak”. Despite its bleak subject matter, Tales of Terror contains subtle messages of solidarity together with a rationale for change, encouraging people to stand up for themselves in order to make a difference. The Inner Terrestrials have well and truly delivered on their latest release; inspiring, triumphing and making you want to have a bloody good dance as well. (Shuffle Core) Includes 12 Page Booklet!"
  • 01. Santau 65
    02. War on Reality
    03. Derak Tulang
    04. White Metal
    05. Senandung Akhir Zaman
    06. Lawan Dan Hancurkan
    07. Cops N Klan
    08. Yellow Pearls
    09. Indochina (Crucifix)
    10. Blood of Soil
    11. Deaths Inside



    [engl] "Jalang (formerly Lái) play fast-paced and danceable D-beat punk, propelling the band’s ferocious vocals into the face of the listener. Vocalist Alda’s lyrics are delivered in Bahasa Indonesia and English, engaging with both her own and collective narratives that explore politics, religion, feminism and queer rights in South East Asia, and the diaspora in so-called Australia. Timmy (Extinct Exist, Pisschrist, Schifosi) on guitar and Tessa (Ubik, Masses) on bass were joined by Kyle (Sheer Mag) on drums in 2021. ""Jalang"" in Bahasa Indonesia is one of those ‘odd’ words: when describing the masculine it means wild, feral, undomesticated; while for feminine figures it translates as promiscuous, slutty or evil — something the band aims to reclaim as a mark of feminine pride. Jalang invokes the band members’ diasporic and queer narratives through hardcore punk, mixing ideas and personal experiences that often inter-connect but also continue to conflict with the world around us. Recorded by Jason Fuller (Goatsound) at Tender Trap Studios in Melbourne, Santau is 11 tracks of incandescent punk energy from this supergroup of Melbourne underground music, tackling real world issues of politics, power and protest. Next-level musical performances, inspirational song writing and the relentless fury of Alda’s vocals combine to produce one of the most intelligent, crucial and viscerally exciting Australian punk releases in years.
  • 01. Aldri Før, Aldri Mer
    02. Gode Grunner
    03. Forsvinningsnummeret
    04. Vendereis
    05. Kom Kom
    06. Say No
    07. Bruddstykker
    08. Ikke Tvil Ikke Vik
    09. Skrik II
    10. Skrik III
    11. Forbi?
    12. Venter På Dag


    Bruddstykker (Fractions)

    [engl] This must be the wet dream of anybody who raves about classic norwegian Punk Rock with all of it's crucial and essential elements. This album has it all! A full on slap in the face with all the vital ingredience, guitar hooks and solos, backing choirs...! Three years after their first full lengh (Gjennom Veggene) KNUSTE RUTER delivers 12 new songs, once again paying homage to the spirits of STENGTE DØRER and SO MUCH HATE, lifting, mixing and twisting the styles to create their very own high-proof special brew in music! Featuring members of HEVN, 2:20, BØYEN BENG and Hasse Jørgensen (of STENGTE DØRER) joined the band on vocal duties and rising the ""old school"" impact even more! Lyrics deal with alot of indeep personal politics almost all sung in norwegian with translations included on the lyric sheet. Bruddstykker was recorded at Endless Tinitus 2012 and mastered at Enormous Door by Jack Control. Comes in a beautiful LP sleeve w/ booklet designed by Welly (Artcore Fanzine) and is a join release between RUIN NATION, SKULD RELEASES and SJAKK MATT PLATER.
  • 01. Opgestookt
    02. Land Der Blinden
    03. Niemansland
    04. Verdeeld
    05. Linzensoep
    06. Ze Kijken Op Ons Neer
    07. Hamer En Aambeeld
    08. Over De Grens



    [engl] "MAKILADORAS from Groningen (Holland) existed from 1999 until their demise in 2007. They were known for their ultra intense brew of Slaytanic Metal guitars in a bowl with uncompromising Crustpunk and Evas recognizeable angry vocals. They created a monster of sheer and mighty punk-metal mayhem that always stood up for DIY Punk ethics and this way toured as far as even to Israel in 2004. The Band published a stunning 10” MLP and Split 7” with “Radio Bikini” until their first Full Lengh “In eigen Hand” in 2005 dealing mostly with Gentec issues along other current political topics. MAKILADORAS split up in 2007 playing a stunning final Show at the 11th Trashfest in Hoogeveen (Holland) and recorded their last remaining 8 new Songs for a final 12” Release that was suposed to be released by PROFANE EXISTENCE in 2008. Due difficulties and a briefly end of PE’s Label activities the masters got returned to the Band and finally are available on vinyl 3 years later in form of the “Niemandsland” 12” on Ruin Nation Rec. This final releases includes 8 post mortem tracks of a full throttle SLAYER guitar ridden Metal and Punk feast. Recorded by Dirk Kusche at Bremens Kuchelrock Studios who is also responsible for the early thundering SYSTRAL recordings. The Artwork that attents this releases was done once again by Mr. Marald who created yet another masterpiece of Sleeveart... especially the detail in the front cover are simply amazing."
  • 01. Projection
    02. Fight in Progress
    03. Cheat & Lie
    04. I am Dagger
    05. The Human Bomb
    06. Manarchy
    07. New Wave of Nothing
    08. Spider Song



    [engl] "Finally! At long last we get a new sign of life from Oslo's ""NEGATIV"" straight from the dark vaults of Norways riot city number one! Eight new stompers that mix the anarchic chaos and rage of 1982' UK hardcore punk with the fury and raw spirit of japanese punk. All this boosted up with norwegian guitar virtuosity (…or was it madness?), stomping drums and vocal chords lubricated with gasoline and razorblades.
  • 01. Let's Go!
    02. Soil yourself
    03. The Face
    04. No!
    05. Dirty Protest
    06. Contra El SSistema
    07. Early To Bed, Early To Rise
    08. GCHQFU
    09. Destroi Phallocentricity
    10. Metal Detector
    11. Our Winged Sisters
    12. Yes!
    13. Vos Vilen Di Anarkhisten?
    14. Sing A Song Of System
    15. Spelling It Out



    [engl] "This is the sixth studio album of the long going scottish anarchist punk band ""OI POLLOI"" (ancient slang for ""The Common People"") - 15 new songs recorded in 2014 with an retrospective of the many musically influences of previous OI POLLOI records. Here you find the anarcho charged sing-a-long Oi!Punk in exchange with D-Beat-Crust and of course classic UK Anarcho Punk. ""Saorsa"" means ""Freedom"" in scottish gaelic and ""Freedom"" or ""Liberty"" is the lyrical main subject of this album. Lyrics are mostly sung in English with little excursions into Gaelic, Spanish as well as Yiddish. With all the heavy political content, OI POLLOI never excluded humor in what they do and this is what makes them so sympathic in my eyes. Responsible for the beautiful artwork was Sonia L. who already contributed to previous OI POLLOI records such as ""Fuaim Catha"". This album comes with two lyric sheets in a beautiful inside out print sleeve.