Neon Taste

  • 01. R. O. T. C.
    02. Pillar Of Skulls
    03. Back On The Chain Gang
    04. Against The Wall
    05. Sacrifice
    06. Loaded Dice
    07. F. E. V Mutation


    Victims Of Psychick Warfare

    [engl] Born during a full moon and abandoned on the side of Clinton Road, the Acid Casualties were taken to Hudson Regional Hospital in Secaucus, New Jersey, where they were kept alive on an IV drip of Datura and poppers until they were released at legal age. "They will regret that they let us live" - Pepe Pendejo After spending their disformative years on a steady diet of CULO, POISON IDEA and NEOS, it became only obvious that ACID CASUALTIES would have barfed up this debut, "Victims Of Psychick Warfare" at some point. We're just lucky we were in the right place at the right time to get a bit of the spillage on tape. Like being executed inside the engine of a 747 at 50,000 feet, these 7 tracks push as much air around as anything else. Just below the soaring, hurricane winds are hooks and songs that could have been toyed around by DEEP WOUND. Ever hear that live bootleg of KORO and UNITED MUTATION playing at the same time in a wind tunnel? No? Well it sounds a lot like this. ACID CASUALTIES. For all their negativity, they've still some love in their hearts but it's reserved for Hardcore and skin-tearing speed. These 666 seconds of fury (No really - do the math {and add 1 second}) pair best as a third party, soundtrack replacement for Indiana Jones and the Raiders of The Lost Ark finale where all the Nazi's faces melt off and only true believers are saved. Hardcore rules.
  • 01. Getting Lost
    02. Standing In Your Shadow
    03. It's Not Funny
    04. You Could Be Me
    05. Pretty Modern
    06. On The Edge
    07. Young and Overequipped
    08. High Fashion
    09. No Stranger To Danger
    10. It Keeps Me Living
    11. I Miss America
    12. More Than Just Your Name
    13. Small Consolation


    Collection 79 - 82

    [engl] Canada has a long and storied history of New Wave. We had some of the best records of the varying styles from Pointed Sticks to Viletones and DOA to Neos. Even our own KBD monsters like Dry Heaves and Siggy Magic. Powerpop wasn't just the previously mentioned Pointed Sticks though. In Victoria BC Canada there was a band that released two strong singles in 1980 on Richards Records and broke up 2 years later. Active for only 3 years, these singles were quickly forgotten and overshadowed by the blistering hardcore of the cities 2nd wave. The band was called Easy Money. Fast Forward a 2 or 3 decades. Piecing together Canada's involvement in punk and new wave has been a hobby of mine for years. Finding the obscurities, the mistakes, the forgotten and the outright terrible has been fun and frustrating. Talking to old rockers, punks, promoters and fans, probing the local fanzines and looking for the things no one has heard before presents a whole slough of different emotions. It also presents a pretty stand-out record collection. To think that there were demo quality recordings of Easy Money - enough to make an LP - lying around un-comped and unheard with exceptional sound quality was truly dumbfounding. Solid songs, excellent playing, infectious, live off the floor, 2 track jamspace demos. They had to be heard. And now they can. Hosehead Records and Neon Taste Records in conjunction with the band are co-releasing Easy Money's demo LP with both singles for your listening pleasure and we guarantee you it is worth the price of admission. Compiling the original two 1980 singles and 9, two-track demos featuring Easy Money at their very best for the first time. A mandatory archival release for Canadian diy music and any fan of Powerpop/Mod-Revival. Not your average, terrible quality, bad sounding 'why-bother' collections. This is a true hidden gem of Northwest Rock n Roll.
  • 01. Don't Care
    02. Slander
    03. Po Po
    04. No Function
    05. Invalid
    06. Talk To The Therapist
    07. Kick The Bucket
    08. Man's Man
    09. Sucker
    10. Whipping Post
    11. Over The Counter
    12. Google Home



    [engl] Headcheese is from Kamloops, BC, this is their first record for Neon Taste and the follow-up to last years demo.12 tracks of brash, alienated frustration that ride the early-80's, tuneful approach of hardcore punk. No slave to speed but no sacrifice to power either. This is the kind of exciting, gutsy punk rock that hooked me on the shit the first time I heard it. The kind of music that's had me dedicated to finding more of the same. I still feel every damn hook and this record has plenty of them. Good hardcore punk speaks for itself and we think the message here is loud and clear.
  • 01. Dimwit
    02. Shoot To Kill
    03. Rip Em Off
    04. Keeping A Close Eye
    05. Vertagogo



    [engl] Another Covid startup band. Another crucial 2020's E.P. Was stoked when these mutts sent this session over to me and could not, would not say "nah". It's not hard to draw the lines of influence, Los Angeles 1980 might be the simplest but there's a big dose of Midwest sass in here and that's the way we like it. After you've bit your tongue off in sheer unbridled excitement, you can start gnawing at your wrists in manic anticipation for the LP they're currently writing. Shit rips!
  • 01. Out Of Time
    02. Medicated Sleep
    03. Failed Satyr
    04. Sore Thumb
    05. City Wide
    06. Repeater


    No E.P.

    [engl] Long-awaited (by us at least) is this follow-up to the 2018 Demo from the best fed group in so-called British Columbia - a name that gets more and more confusing to say every time I think of it. Nutrition the band. Cooking food with radiation. It's quick. It's easy. It tastes surprisingly good but it'll probably kill you in the long run. You'll die waddling in your consumption. While 1/4 of the world are starving, the rest are LIVING, BABY. Overfed on insensitivity. All varnished to excess. 'No' is 6 tracks about medication, bleak vulnerability and jabs at existence expressed in short, frantic exclamations. Is it good for you? Who cares. Does that even remotely matter right now? We know how fast life/death happens. Blink an eye. Blink again. You won't find this in your recommended diet so don't bother to even ask how it relates to your caloric intake. At least shoving these songs in your head is a lot easier and more enjoyable than oatmeal and Yoga or whatever real people do for the privilege of "self care." It says so on the fucking box. Nutrition. It's gotta be true. I wouldn't lie to you would I?
  • 01. Commericals For Free
    02. Tooth Decay
    03. Passive And Blue
    04. People Who Cheated Me



    [engl] First official reissue of the Canadian classic. A monster rarity from the inception of Punk Rock on the West Coast was actually a soundtrack to a film of the same name. 1978's Commercials For Free is a 20 minute DIY film about a young man leaving the suburbs in search for a life more exciting. It's a film full of chain-wielding punkettes, broken dreams, getting ripped off and also some fabulous archive footage of early punk in Vancouver including early Subhumans footage and a wacky storyline that follows Siggy and his experience with the New Wave. Shortly after the film release a small, one-time pressing of 200 copies was released, quickly snapped up by locals. Commercials For Free flew under the radar and was generally an unknown piece of punk rock history complete with false-starts, maniacal singing and raw manic energy. The excellent Smash The State Compilation series drew some more attention to this rare artifact and compiled 3 of its 4 tracks on the 3rd edition, removing some more of the mystery that made up this release.