• 01. Ashley Von Hurter And The Haters - F.B.I.
    02. Official Hooligans - Darby Crash
    03. Shutdown - The Mechanic
    04. Bloody Mutants - Beans and Chips
    05. Vendabait - Crushing my World
    06. The Wussies - Promised Land
    07. Stalins Organ - Sex Girls
    09. Kerbholz - Müller
    10. Menstrual Tramp - Be a Man
    11. Betty Bondage - Lolita
    12. Fuck The Bureaucracy - Rise of the Counter Culture
    13. Fathom Theory - You'll Never Know
    14. Legend Killers - Questions
    15. The Perturbed - For the People
    16. X-O Toxins - Exxon
    17. The Heck - I Need It


    Diggin' up the 90s

    [engl] AMOK RECORDS is proud to release the first volume of a new compilation series. If you enjoyed former series like Killed by Death, Bloodstains or similar, this is a new one to discover rare, obscure but either great bands or songs of the 1990s. And if you enjoyed the 90s Punk and Hardcore szene anyway here you find some more gems which might have passed your attention in that century. This compilation needed around 4 years to get finished and a lot of effort was put into it. It is a labour of love. The tracks, with very few exceptions, won’t be available digitally from AMOK RECORDS. Volume 2 is already in the pipes and will get released in spring 2022.
    LP blue