• 01. Odprite muzeje
    02. Kons
    03. Na piramidi
    04. Ljubljana spi (free)
    05. Razocaranje
    06. Jaz protestiram
    07. Evropa umira
    08. Razocaranja I
    09. Moj crni tintnik
    10. Destrukcije
    11. Rodovnik
    12. Blizu polnoci


    Proti kapitulaciji

    [engl] Borghesia’s new album is a free-floating retrofuturist industrial art rock epic based on Sre?ko Kosovel’s modernist poetry that sits somewhere between an alternative soundtrack of Blade Runner, the uncanny ambience of Coil, melancholy of Berlin era David Bowie and immediacy of Nine Inch Nails.
  • 01. Praznina
    02. Zival, ne clovek
    03. Vecno vracanje istega
    04. Kako bi bilo, ce bi Slovenija imela kolonije
    05. Skupaj
    06. Prag tolerance
    07. Druga narava



    [engl] On their second album IAMDISEASE, hardcore veterans from Slovenia, continue where they left off with their previous album. The tradition of metallized hardcore of the early 90's is here further extended and combined with Black Flag's proto-sludge and the hybrid application of various extreme metal subgenres, predominantly black and death metal. Clocking just under 25 minutes, these 7 new tracks offer a consistent execution of fast-paced rhythms, jangly, dark guitar riffs with discordant melodic passages and precise bass lines under a rasp, angry vocal that delivers engaged messages to the listener. The resulting recording is an interesting blend of sounds that is nowadays found in less than a few local bands, and a welcoming addition to a progressing hardcore scene. Featuring members of bands as Man In The Shadow, Low Punch, The Hoax Problem, Elodea, Kennyball Smith and A Murder Theory.
  • 01. Kleemar – Bored of Canada
    02. Kleemar – 4M
    03. Kleemar – Made in My Hand
    04. TRUS! – Movie Star
    05. TRUS! – Enemy
    06. TRUS! – Phantasma
    07. TRUS! – Seven Words
    08. TRUS! – What Do You Do


    Banana Split

    [engl] “Banana Split” brings a double exciting dose of an insightful musical expression. Full of energy and curiosity, TRUS! fill their side of vinyl with post-punk playfulness, indie-electronic mischief and seductiveness of trashy pop. Therefore, it's simply impossible to put their musical expression inside the usual genre compartments and pull up obvious comparisons with other bands, which is just one more reason to cock our ears and simply spin the music. On the other side of the disc, kleemar took care of sentimental ethereal electronics which explore the subtle melancholic microambients and invokes a delightful atmosphere. Kleemar remains indefinable by genre, as well, as he draws influence from very diverse artists such as Mount Kimbie, Dan Deacon, Gold Panda, Four Tet, Album Leaf, Caribou …
  • 01. Hypechimp
    02. Elephant
    03. Hips Like Elvis
    04. Hipsters
    05. Oversized Sunglasses
    06. Yo Voy
    07. Audrey Horne
    08. Attacked
    09. Quiet Buzz


    Our world died yesterday

    [engl] Nikki Louder are chaotic noise rock trio from Slovenia. “Our World Died Yesterday” is their second album, even noisier and more intense than its predecessor. Shining in all its shrieking glory, their sophomore effort shows the band doing what they know best – spitting out fast, messy, energetic bursts of percussion-ridden guitar noise, slowing down occasionally with a melodic twist only to take a short break for more speaker-ripping thunder. And a good scream or two over everything spices the songs just about great every now and then. Despite all the hardcore / math / noise chaos in their sound, which is also prominent in band's lyric surrealism, the album makes a perfect musical sense, sounds very compact and provides a great listening experince, which is oftentimes a hard goal to accomplish for majority of bands who try to blend that much diversity at once. In a strange way, Our World Died Yesterday invokes deep emotions and reminds us of a couple records by some Ebullition bands from the nineties, which is just fantastic.
  • 01. Don’t Believe Your Own Bullshit
    02. Courage
    03. Feline Blues
    04. CV
    05. Para Cargo
    06. Shareholder
    07. Trout
    08. Salsa Ass



    [engl] Nikki Louder is a noise rock trio coming from Kamnik area, Slovenia, made up of Blaz? Sever (vocals, guitar) and brothers Luka (drums) and Peter Cerar (bass). Since the formation in 2007, the guys have been touring Europe and releasing records every two years – starting with debut album “Alain, I'm Sorry“ followed by “Our World Died Yesterday“ and “Golden Men“ (both for Moonlee Records). Received very positively by critics and audiences, Nikki Louder's past discographic efforts showed their ability to deliver a different, yet consistent signature sound that progressed further with each new release and ultimately made them the most skilled band of the genre in the area. “Trout“ leaves the listener with a light sense of uneasiness for the first half of the album as music slowly evolves, creating spacious atmosphere of expectation before gaining momentum and sucking you into Nikki Louder's messy and chaotic guitar/percussion interplay that they are known for. Sometime mid-record, things get more straightforward and vigorous – noisy, rhythmic wall-of-sound textures dominate the soundscape, complemented with carefully integrated feedback and dissonance of an untamed, screaming guitar that suddenly overwhelms the eardrums, only to start slowly fading away once again as the last track clocks in. Muffled, troubled, shouting vocals bring lyrical themes characteristic of Nikki Louder – a layer of bizarreness, a layer of social criticism, and another one about personal distresses left there just for good measure.
  • 01. Suzeni snovi
    02. Gde cces
    03. Jataci
    04. Kralj nicega
    05. Crvena
    06. Ako te ikada
    07. Beskraj
    08. Ekspedicija


    Gde ces

    [engl] Third album by Serbian garage-postpunk-noise-rock trio Repetitor offers a high-voltage wall of sound, bursts of rage, fear, violence, pain and anxiety. On one side, we have Boris psychotically grinding his guitar strings and shredding chords with a punk attitude, soon to twist them into hurricane heavy riffs. On other side, there's playful and bouncy Ana-Marija, fused with her bass guitar working on cooking a post-punk balm. All of this is glued together by the untamable beast on drums, Milena, bittery drumming away like if it's the end of time. All three perform as one – all for one and one for all. In the noisy range of their guitar-based rock echoes The Stooges, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Dead Moon, Suicide, Bikini Kill, Swans, and more – however, Repetitor are so genuine and unique that you can describe their music just by saying »Repetitor«.
    EAN 191018000554
  • 01. Dzungla
    02. Kroz vetar
    03. Gorim
    04. Kost i koza
    05. Sa izvora
    06. Roba s greskom
    07. Danima
    08. Nocima


    Prazan prostor medu nama koji moze i da ne postoji

    [engl] The Repetitor's fourth album find the band at its most confident, employing an even more visceral sound while at the same time showcasing their most mature and diverse songwriting so far. The trio might appear meek at first glance, but the walls of noise the ferocious female drummer and bassist create with the savage skinny frontman are so massive they could move mountains. From the opening chord on, they unleash a blistering burst of noisy garage rock and succulent stoner riffs accompanied by unhinged vocals in Serbian that grab you by the throat. You are not released up until the closing diptych, their most fragile music to date. Without pretense and chart ambitions, Repetitor are the embodiment of Iggy and the Stooges' raw power, chewing up stages and rock clichés and spitting them out as no bullshit rock’n’roll.
    EAN 0756029086074
  • 01. Nebo
    02. Novce
    03. Pitaju
    04. Paresu
    05. Treba
    06. Borovnica
    07. El Zlo



    [engl] Seine is an ever-changing project by Croatian singer-songwriter Ivan S?c?apec. It currently operates from Zagreb as a power duo with Dimitrij Petrovic? on drums. Following the breakup of their former band Vlasta Popic? in 2015, they focused on Seine and actively toured the Balkans and Europe, earning a reputation for their dazzling and heartfelt performances. Their debut ‘Sno Sna’ (Moonlee Records, Vox Project), one of the best regional debuts of the year, was released in 2017. Seine's 2nd album '22' brings forth an amorphous genre-bending sound, combining elements of noise and alternative rock, trip hop and no wave with sporadic cabaret undertones. The pair continues its exploration of the intriguing, ill-lighted and downtempo moods that have defined their debut while putting a new emphasis on dissonance and atonality. '22' showcases intricate arrangements and muscular instrumentation, its seven hook-laden tracks slowly drifting through melancholy waters. The electrified acoustic guitar and drum set are still the backbone, but they have expanded their sonic palette with piercing electronic textures, classical instruments samples and driving polyrhythms. The resulting leftfield grooves engage the listener in a noisy introspective dance. Seine’s music still gravitates around Ivan's easily recognizable soul-searching androgynous voice. His is a timbre of a man with puffy eyes, a sombre heart and turbulent spirit. In his dark and waggish verses, he wryly explores the triangle between money, war and transcendence from a beyond-good-and-evil standpoint. The days of love songs are dead, long live money poetics!
  • 01. Spavam
    02. Svog
    03. Privatno tijelo
    04. Bubamara
    05. Ko
    06. Kritika cistog razuma
    07. Puska
    08. Janko
    09. Silo
    10. Ljubav


    Sno sna

    [engl] Seine's debut album ‘Sno sna’ is a showcase of dreamy acoustic strumming, psychedelic bass lines and minimalistic though hearty drum patterns interwoven into a tale of love and longing. Half a minute into the record, you're immediately transfixed by Ivan SCapec's idiosyncratic vocal timbre with a quaint feminine character in the vein of Cigarettes After Sex. The pathos of his delivery also reminds us of the emo mavericks Sunny Day Real Estate. But the gist of Seine’s musical expression lies in the prominent acoustic guitar. While songs like 'Privatno tijelo' (Private Body), the pseudo nursery rhyme 'Bubamara' (Ladybug) and centrepiece ‘Ljubav’ (Love) might recall the work of Sufjan Stevens, and while the track ‘Janko’ is an obvious nod to Serbo-Croatian folk songs, most of the tracks possess a more introspective, oftentimes melancholic mid-nineties character not far from the likes of Smashing Pumpkins. 'Sno Sna' may be listened to as a punk’s tale in the disguise of a folk record, or vice versa, a heartfelt folk album gone punk.
  • 01. Trziste
    02. Ako nisam dobra
    03. Szeged
    04. Slijepa nasa (Mrznja)
    05. Mastanje
    06. Dolje
    07. Ataksija
    08. O vodi
    09. Nervozno se sanjari



    [engl] Second album by croatian trio VLASTA POPI? brings more of their beloved signature indie-punk-noise-nowave-pop expression, but this time with a darker, more sinister edge to it. The record sounds more ambitious, thought-out and coherent compared to the earlier release, and it does so by utilizing much dirtier, distorted and noisier playing and production. The combined female/male singalongs and shouts add true energy to occasionally melodic, oftentimes jangly atmosphere created by the underlying instrumental psychedelia. As far as similarities and influences go, “Kvadrat” may be related to quite a few artists such as Repetitor, Fugazi, Shellac, Nikki Louder, etc.
  • 01. Nije se desilo
    02. Voda je more
    03. Slucaj No.3583
    04. Iskrenost je posebna
    05. Sve ostaje nakon nas
    06. Ton i broj
    07. SSuma, macka, Gospoda i prozor
    08. Ja sam uvijek na istoj liniji


    I onda je sve pocelo

    [engl] “Honesty is special,” sing ZEN on their debut album ‘I onda je sve pocelo’. Since day one, the Croatian feminist LGBTQ+ post-rock/indie/dream pop Amazons have been creating music that relies on sincerity, vulnerability and authenticity. To celebrate the band’s 10th anniversary as well as the 7th anniversary of their first release, with the support of Moonlee Records, Unrecords and Vox Project, ZEN have pressed their debut full-length on the most authentic of music formats – vinyl. ‘I onda je sve pocelo’ immediately caught the attention of both regional critics and music aficionados. “One of the most enjoyable, if not best albums of the year,” wrote TPortal. Or as they put it at With Love, the Underground, “Eva, Sara and Ivona really do their own thing.” ZEN’s multi-layered musical expression, combining filigree guitar licks, spacey synth parts and ethereal shoegaze vocals, sometimes feels like looking at water ripples on the lake’s surface. Othertimes, when distortion gets thicker and the drums start to roar, it is like being washed away by a tsunami. The album’s dreamy and heart-warming vibe, a mix between melancholy, longing and hope, is encapsulated in the evocative title ‘Suma, macka, Gospoa i prozor’ (Forest, cat, Lady and window), a psychedelic ode to nature, animals and sensitive human beings. It is minimalist experimental pop for fans of Tortoise, Stereolab, Warpaint and the likes. Since 2013, ZEN have released their sophomore album ‘Jantar’ (2015), joined the Moonlee Records family and soon followed with the superb ‘Sunc?ani ljudi’ (2017). In the last few years, they played countless shows all across Europe, gaining support from respected music buffs like Anthony Fantano (The Needle Drop) and Kevin Cole (KEXP) and becoming one of the most sought after alternative guitar bands from the Balkan region.
  • 01. A gdje su staze?
    02. Pusti me da hodam
    03. Jugomental
    4. Cetiri tri pet dva
    05. Opet gange
    06. Sonicna taktika
    07. Tijelo zna
    08. Lov na crne tipke


    Suncani ljudi

    [engl] 'Suncani ljudi' (english: 'Sunny people') comes as the gist of all Zen's releases with some moderate upgrades. It sounds like a manifest of their passion for meticulously intertwined genre tropes – from hypnotic repetitions of post rock to atmospheric guitar layering in the vein of shoegaze, all characterized by a genuine openness to experimentation and infused with a heartfelt vocal delivery typical of 90s alt rock. The girls have conserved the psychedelic and dreamy nature of their musical expression, which resembles the output of bands as Warpaint, Vinyl Williams, Lush or Pinkshinyultrablast. The record's sonic character with its texturally lush guitar arrangements and vocal harmonies coquettes with the golden age of guitar music and shoe-gazing, notably with epochal releases like 'Loveless' (My Bloody Valentine) or 'Souvlaki' (Slowdive). As you may assume by looking at the cover, tracks are permeated by an air of sweet melancholy that evokes images of natural motifs associated with fluctuation, oscillation and flotation. Images of summits, breaking waves and currents… images of the island of Bra?, the Promised Land mentioned in the overture 'A gdje su staze?'. 'Sun?ani ljudi' is like a sonic mirror-image of a long trip on the D8, the picturesque route that runs 640 km along Croatia's Adriatic coastline, evoking awe of the sublime and reminding us of humanity’s insignificance in respect to the Universe.