Apathic View

  • A1 Burning Water (Intro) / Lack Of Personality
    A2 Four Walls
    A3 Theatric Symbolisation Of Life
    A4 Like An Ivy (Poem) / Suffocation
    B1 Kill Your Idols
    B2 The Truth Begins Where Man Stops To Think
    B3 Train (Poem) / The Tree
    B4 What A Nerve
    B5 Alternative - Another Trend
    C1 Mutilated Regurgitator
    C2 The Accident
    C3 Threshold To Senility
    C4 Forced Pollutions
    C5 Consuming Endoderme Pus
    C6 Playing With Lifes
    C7 Splattered Brains
    C8 Well Of Happiness
    C9 Judged By Appearance
    C10 Solitary Minded
    C11 Trust? Not Me
    C12 Lay Off Me
    D1 Threshold To Senility
    D2 Mutilated Regurgitator
    D3 Gorgonised Dorks
    D4 Lay Off Me
    D5 Consuming Endoderme Pus
    D6 Let It Be For What It Is
    D7 Theatric Symbolisation Of Life
    D8 The Tree
    D9 Pulverized (bonustrack)


    Theatric Symbolisation Of Life

    [engl] Great compilation with material from the following stuff Tracks A1-B5 were recorded on 2nd, 9th and 23 November 1991 at Nightingale studios in Antwerp, Belgium. Tracks C1-C7 are taken from the AG / Riek Boois 7"EP, recorded at FNAFF-studios in Dessel, Belgium on 13th August 1988. Tracks C8-C10 are taken from the AG / V.N.A. 7"EP, recorded at Nightingale studios in Antwerp, Belgium on 10th February 1990. Tracks C11, C12 are taken from the "If This Is Cruel"7"EP, recorded at Nightingale studios in Antwerp, Belgium on 14th August 1989 and 10th February 1990. Tracks D1-D5 are taken from the "Fascination Of Mutilation" Live 7"EP, recorded live in Aalst, Belgium on 3rd June 1989. Track D6 is taken from the AG / Smegma 7"EP, recorded live in Aalst, Belgium on 28th October 1990. Tracks D7, D8 are taken from the AG / Blood 7" EP recorded live in Aalst, Belgium on 28th October 1990.
  • 1 For Those About To Fuck
    2 Idi
    3 SixSixSixteen
    4 Cock Junkie
    5 Sellout
    6 I Wanna Do It With A Donna
    7 Fruity Relationships
    8 Heroin Punk
    9 Sk8ergrrl
    10 Bad Habbits
    11 On The Stage
    12 Vegan Feast
    13 Drink Fight Fuck
    14 Tony Goes To Court (Skit
    15 On The Hunt
    16 Current Trends
    17 Underground
    18 Drug Fiend
    19 Achin' For An 'A' Cup
    20 Dahmer The Embalmer
    21 She's A Junkie
    22 Nu Corporate


    Blood Duster

    [engl] Australia‚Äôs own Blood Duster, the debute LP official sold out since 10 years, the most rocking grind album of the band is back on track. First time available on picture vinyl. No topic was sacred as the boys attacked girls, punks, vegetarians, hippies, the record industry and even Relapse. Their spot-on balance of groove to grind in their masculine musical posturing makes their first out put a mandatory, myopic masterpiece. Blasts of black humor and blastbeatboogiegrindingrockyafuck! Limited on handnumbered 247 copies on nice picture vinyl, comes with an extra A3 inlay.
  • cover


    Goodbye Cruel World

    [engl] NYC's purveyors of organized chaos Brutal Truth the ultimate grindcore kings of the 90's. After twelve years of its original release, this long time sold out recordings will never be forgotten. So now, on its first time appearance on vinyl, this will match everything: pressed on three 12" records on 180 gram heavy black vinyl, boxed in a 350 gram heavy double fold out cover. With completely new cover and layout design done by Luis Sendon. This album has a different running order and two songs which not released on the CD-version.