• 01. La Bush - Disco Bush
    02. System Love - System Love
    03. Cora Corona - Jungle Love
    04. The Diskery - Star
    05. The Rogers - Cosmos 81
    06. Rendez-Vous - My Blue Bird
    07. Raymond Joniaux - All' A Bi Bi
    08. Manuel Ferrero - Fela
    09. Rayon Laser - Funky Meteor
    10. Autumn - The Third Autumn
    11. Afro-Disiak - Chant Vaudou
    12. Patrik - The Joymaker
    13. Roland Delys - Love
    14. DJ Bert & Eagle - I Am Your Master


    Discophilia Belgica (Part 2/2)

    [engl] Next-Door-Disco & Local Spacemusic From Belgium 1975-1987 Patrick, Raymond, Marianne, Roland, Kevin and Bert. These are among the most common and ordinary names in Belgium. Yet, these are also the names of some of the artists that appear of 'Discophilia Beligica', a 30-track compilation from groove-heavy record label SDBAN. No fancy alter-egos here. Compiled by cratediggers Loud E & The Wild, 'Discophilia Belgica' is released 16th November and is a collection of next-door-disco and local spacemusic from Belgium 1975-1987. The tracks on this delightfully obscure collection are from ordinary folk. Most have day jobs. Yet as musicians, they go as far out as possible in to the disco universe and back again. Not too serious or overambitious and definitely not overproduced. This is stripped down space music. This is next door disco. The choice of music is not a reflection of an actual 'scene'. In fact, most of the bands here have probably never performed live. The 30 tracks on this compilation are the result of a decade of crate digging in flea markets, charity shops, and vinyl trades and picking out what might appeal to a contemporary dancefloor or just to our deranged and perhaps adventurous earbuds. That being said, there are not many countries that can provide you with the wonderful diversity and weirdness of the sounds you'll find here. Belgians have a great passion for music and there is an abundance of recording studios, impresarios, local radio stations and pressing plants. Bars and clubs sit side by side, providing a soundtrack for our ordinary lives and it's here where Patrick, Raymond, Roland or Marianne draw inspiration that led them into the studio and pick up a mic, a bass or synthesizer, making music to groove to, feel sexy to and be free. You are your master. From R. Roland's French-pop inspired 'Ethero-Disco' and Carl Watson's sleazy jazz flute heavy 'King Kong' to the C.C. Band's disco floor filler 'Be My Love Tonight', 'Discophilia Belgica' is a collection of odd and sods, the weird and the wonderful. A special mention should go to the uncrowned king of next-door-disco: Artibano Benedetto. The un-assuming Italian, who works out of a garage in the unglamorous town of La Louvière, is one of the only "professional" musicians on this compilation. After a successful career with the late 70s/early 80s band i dragoni, he started to produce music for local artists and musicians in the area in need of a studio or technical knowhow. The result? The soul-singing Dan Davis, the outrageous synthesized bagpipe discofest The Diskery, the spaced out Holger Czukay-esque Rayon Laser and the Arabian sleeze of Alabibi. Oh yes, Benedetto is still very much at it. His DIY ethic to music is the embodiment of next door disco and provincial space music.
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  • 01. The Soul Scratchers - Scratch My Back (pt. 1 & 2)
    02. Francis Coppieters - Funky Chimes
    03. S.S.O. - Faded Lady (Instrumental)
    04. The Flying Guitar - Barabajagal
    05. The Sumos - My Chinese Girl Likes Kung Fu Fighting
    06. Bud Hunga And His Diplomatic Music - Travelling On Rhythms
    07. Experience - Pink Movement
    08. The Peter Laine Orchestra - Tiger Walk
    09. Kandahar - The Fancy Model
    10. Kiosk - Mona Call
    11. Guido Carnagy - Free Way Exit
    12. André Brasseur - X
    13. Electronic System III - Skylab


    Funky Chimes: Belgian Grooves From The 70s Part 1

    [engl] 2LP gatefold with liner notes, 180gr vinyl. 'Funky Chimes' is a collection of excellent and unique grooves. It contains 13 of the most interesting yet long forgotten Belgian dance tracks from the seventies.
    EAN 5414165083689
  • 01. The Indian Sound Of... Black Foot - Smoke Signal
    02. Hearts Of Soul & Shampoo - We Love The Policeman
    03. Roland Thyssen - Riff For Peggy
    04. R. Dero - Soul Melody
    05. Philip Catherine - Give It Up Or Turn It Aloose
    06. Skleroptak - Punktowiec
    07. Etta Cameron - Guess We'd Better Break Up Now
    08. Selectasound '88 & The Bob Boon Singers - Tabou
    09. Hugo Raspoet - Spuitje Op, Laat Je Rijden
    10. Leslie Kent - Inner City Blues
    11. Patricia Burns - Paddock
    12. Georges Hayes And His Philarpopic Orchestra - Concerto For Right Foot And Orchestra
    13. The Free Pop Electronic Concept - Chewing Gum Delirium
    14. Lieven - Akkerwinde


    Funky Chimes: Belgian Grooves From The 70s Part 2

    [engl] 2LP gatefold with liner notes, 180gr vinyl. 'Funky Chimes' is a collection of excellent and unique grooves. It contains 14 of the most interesting yet long forgotten Belgian dance tracks from the seventies.
    EAN 5414165083696
  • 01. Jack Sels - African Dance
    02. Jon Eardley - Subtroyan Influence
    03. René Thomas - Bobby Jaspar Quintet - Bernie’s Taste
    04. Jacques Pelzer And His Young Stars - Don’t Smile
    05. Philip Catherine & Robert Pernet - Grelots
    06. Francy Boland - Dark Eyes
    07. Saxorama & Jack Sels - Minor 5
    08. Herman Sandy Quartet - Digging Chick
    09. Fats Sadi Quartet - Ensadinado
    10. Bobby Jaspar Quintet - Clarinescapade
    11. The Clouds - Cecilia
    12. Lucky Thompson & Jack Sels Sextet - Minor Works
    13. Francy Boland Trio - Night Lady
    14. Bobby Jaspar - Coraline
    15. Jacques Pelzer Sextet - There’ll Never be Another You
    16. René Goldstein And His Group - Witch Of Salem
    17. The Clouds - Hall's Blues
    18. René Thomas Et Son Modern Group - Get Happy
    19. Jacques Pelzer Quartet - Work Song
    20. The St. Tropez Jazz Octett - Let’s Get Swinging


    Let's Get Swinging : Modern Jazz In Belgium 1950 - 1970

    [engl] Due to the absence of its main players during the heydays of modern jazz, Belgium will not be remembered for a unique jazz sound or an extensive discography. However, the little country produced a number of highly talented musicians who played lead roles on the international jazz scene. 'Let's Get Swinging: Modern Jazz in Belgium 1950-1970' retraces their steps and presents some of their finest works, including guitarist Philip Catherine, saxophonist Jack Sels, multi-instrumentalist Jacques Pelzer and vibraphone player, percussionist and vocalist 'Fats' Sadi Lallemand.