Domino Sound

  • 01. Ab Teqai Kerebi
    02. Enokis Entaido Belaki
    03. Kirar Mistequane
    04. Hidri
    05. Momona
    06. Milenu
    07. Kab Nab
    08. Wuba
    09. Telsemki
    10. Gamey


    Eritrea's Guitar Pioneer

    [engl] From Asmara, Eritrea (formerly Ethiopia) Tewolde Redda revolutionized the sounds of traditional Eritrean music by amplifying his kirar, playing his Eko electric guitar, and recording six singles in the first part of the 1970’s. Including the first Eritrean songs to use a horn section, traditional songs reworked into his new sound, and originals influenced by radio broadcasts from the United States military base in Asmara, Kagnew Station, these ten songs originally released on the Philips, Amha, and Yared labels as 45's show off his talents with stringed instruments, a talented back up band, and often the hand clapped beat shifting into double time near the song’s end. Tewolde’s thick, deep voice sings songs of love over somber and joyous tunes. Comes in a “tip-on” sleeve with extensive liner notes, lyrical translations, and unpublished photos. A co-release with Mitmitta Musika of Addis Abeba, Ethiopia.
  • 01. Marumba Cha Cha
    02. Kindimwanga
    03. Beberu
    04. Masikitiko
    05. Asiye Bahati Duniani
    06. Moyo Koma
    07. Cuba Cha Cha
    08. Kutenda Maovu
    09. Ngoma Iko Huku
    10. Njoo Haraka
    11. Naumiya
    12. Macho Laini


    Ngoma Tanzania

    [engl] Sweet and joyful sounds from the first half of 1960’s Tanzania. Salum Abdallah and Cuban Marimba Band were at the forefront of “muziki wa dansi”, the emerging dance music scene influenced by Cuban 78’s, crazes like the twist and cha cha cha, and the local sounds of their home country. Hailing from the town of Morogoro, they rose to be stars across the country. Out of over 100 sides recorded for local labels, mostly Mzuri Records of Kenya, these twelve songs are the cream of the crop. Only a few of these have ever been re-released in any form, and that hasn’t happened in eons. Lots of toe tappers, smile enhancers, and downright dancers, with a few slower and sweeter songs to round it out. Taken from 1961-65, these twelve songs shine a brighter light on an already bright light that was Salum Abdallah, taken away from this earth all too early at the age of 37. The 12 song LP comes in an old style tip-on sleeve with lyrics in Swahili with English translations on the inner sleeve. Released by our friends at Domino Sound in New Orleans.
  • 01. Wondemiye
    02. Anasgebbam Berrun
    03. Asha Gedawo
    04. Yihe New Wey Mizesh
    05. Yeweyn Adebaye
    06. Ahun Demkesh Abedaye
    07. Yebete Zemedu
    08. Kulun Man Kwaleshi
    09. Mehedwa New
    10. Hay Loga
    11. Indalayesh
    12. Iniyaw Yemiru
    13. Yegnama Mushera
    14. Musherit Lemdallech


    Ethiopian Wedding Songs

    [engl] With a mix of modern and traditional instruments these fourteen songs go through the progression of an Ethiopian Amhara wedding sung in Amharic. With the trio of singers, Lemma G. Hiwot, Zenebech Tesfaye, and Selamawit G. Selassie, alternating turns at the microphone, and sharing call and response duties, a relentless frenzy of hand clapping incites dancing and smiles. The consumption of tedj (honeywine) and the swirling love of a wedding was captured in the studio with euphoric energy to take away to play over and over again when the festivities are over. With hand screened covers and an insert of wedding photos accompanying the liner notes, this is the next best thing to an invitation to the real thing. Originally released on Philips Ethiopia in 1973. A co-release between Domino Sound in New Orleans and Mitmitta Musika of Addis Abeba, Ethiopia.
  • 01. Alejandro Durán - Cumbia Costeña
    02. Los Satelites - Ocaso Marino
    03. Combo Los Galleros - Tabaco Mascao
    04. Andrés Landero - La Pollera Rosada
    05. Los Corraleros De Majagual - La Pollera Colorá
    06. Abel Antonio Villa - Remolino De Oro
    07. Los Gavilanes De La Costa - Lorenza
    08. Morgan Blanco Y Su Conjunto - Cumbia De Colombia
    09. Calixto Ochoa - Recordando El Pasado
    10. Los Teenagers - Cumbia Sincelejana
    11. Los Corraleros De Majagual - Cumbia Saramuya
    12. Los Cumbiamberos De Pacheco - Al Amanecer


    Remolino De Oro: Coastal Cumbias From Colombia’s Discos Fuentes 1961-1973

    [engl] A follow up to A Orillas del Magdalena, twelve more cumbias from Colombia’s most prolific label, Discos Fuentes. Hailing, by all accounts, from the Northern coast of Colombia, Cumbia is the offspring of the musical melding of three cultures–the Indigenous, Spanish and African. Shaped by bright cymbals, an insistent bass line, eclectic percussion and brilliant accordion playing, these Discos Fuentes recordings remain raw, loose and unpolished. From dance floor hit to nostalgic ode–they come straight from the heart. Housed in a ‘tip-on’ jacket. Released by Domino Sound in New Orleans.