Bureau B

  • 01. Harald Grosskopf - Eve On The Hill (Bureau B Edit)
    02. Cluster - Prothese
    03. Conrad Schnitzler - Elektroklang
    04. You - Son A True Star (Bureau B Edit)
    05. Thomas Dinger - Für Dich (Bureau B Edit)
    06. Asmus Tietchens - Bockwurst Á La Maîtresse
    07. Moebius, Plank, Neumeier - Search Zero (Bureau B Edit)
    08. Heiko Maile - Beat For Ikutaro (Tape 52) (Bureau B Edit)
    09. Lapre - Flokati
    10. Adelbert Von Deyen - Time Machine
    11. Günter Schickert - Puls (Bureau B Edit)
    12. Faust - Juggernaut
    13. Moebius & Plank - Feedback 66 (Bureau B Edit)
    14. Roedelius - Band 068 3 Bock Auf Rock (Nicht Verwendetes Stück)
    15. Serge Blenner - Phonique
    16. Moebius & Beerbohm - Subito
    17. Tyndall - Wolkenlos (Bureau B Edit)
    18. Pyrolator - 180°
    19. Die Partei - Guten Morgen In Köln
    20. Deutsche Wertarbeit - Auf Engelsflügeln (Bureau B Edit)


    Silberland Vol 2 - The Driving Side Of Kosmische Musik 1974-1984

    [engl] Welcome to Silberland – where the streets are paved with strobes. Home to neon lights, straight lines and open roads, this futurist fantasy was first founded in the mid-seventies, when Germany's creative class chose musical therapy in order to indulge their shared hallucination of a new Europe. Fuelled by the catalytic fusion of globalisation and new technology, the world was turning ever faster and the kosmische generation were ready to keep the pace. With synthesisers, rhythm computers and human metronomes turned to a gallop, these electronic innovators set modernity to a motorik beat, and Bureau B's second trip into Silberland cuts right to the thrust of the genre.
    EAN 4015698753524
  • 01. Die Neue Weltmacht – Tanz ins Glück
    02. Christian Kneisel – Nähe und Distanz
    03. Silberstreif – Ich suche Dein Gesicht
    04. Lieferschein – Leben auf dem Müll
    05. 4712 – Steig den Luis Trenker
    06. Plastiktanz – Mir geht es Danke gut
    07. Rolf Jungklaus – New Wave (Pseudo)
    08. Vono – Fred der Ritter
    09. Kleenex Aktiv – Sternklare Nacht
    10. Conrad + Gregor Schnitzler – Shark Eats Ice
    11. Partner Eins – Warum müssen Autos fahren?
    12. Mark Montan – Alles oder nichts
    13. „In“ Seit – Nachtschwärmer (Album Version)
    14. Mittageisen - Unverständnis
    15. Die Synthetische Republik – Der böse Osten
    16. Casino Mariteam – Sage nicht


    Sowas von egal 2 - German Synth Wave Underground 1981-1984

    [engl] Two years have passed since the successful release of the first "Sows von egal" compilation. "Sowas von egal" is a collaboration between the Hamburg record label Bureau B and the Hamburg party series Damaged Goods where they present rare, obscure synth & wave discs from the early 1980s which absolutely deserve to heard. It was clear from the outset that “Sowas von egal 2” would need to scale similar heights of excellence as its predecessor, featuring carefully selected, sought-after, danceable tunes. In contrast to the first volume, most of the acts here were only active in the early 1980s and have not released any records since then. The tape artists were particularly invested in the DIY ethic – as is often apparent in their sound aesthetics and the unbridled energy which has lost none of its intensity today. Their art was seldom – if ever – tempered by commercial considerations or sales strategies. A year in the making: “Sowas von egal 2” is a worthy successor to part 1!
  • 01. A Dream (Pt. 1) (w/ Eiko Ishibashi)
    02. A Dream (Pt. 2) (w/ Christopher Cummings)
    03. Happiness (w/ Christopher Cummings)
    04. Extend The Song (w/ Laetitia Sadier)
    05. Better Late (w/ Christopher Cummings)
    06. Not To Forget (w/ Christopher Cummings)
    07. Boyfriends (Dead Or Alive) (w/ Vivien Goldman)
    08. Falsetto Giuseppe (w/ R. Stevie Moore)
    09. Mont Ventoux


    Under Pressure

    [engl] “Under Pressure” is Von Spar's fifth album, not counting their homage to Can (recorded live with Stephen Malkmus). 15 years have passed since their debut “Die uneingeschra?nkte Freiheit der privaten Initiative”, five since the “Streetlife” album. On closer examination, there is a somewhat chameleonesque quality to Von Spar’s discography. Their records are the result of continuous metamorphosis, opening wormholes to post punk, krautrock and 80s art pop. The constants: rhythmic refinement and harmonic quantum leaps, swirling synthesizer arpeggios, backwards guitars with no hint of retrogradation. The eight songs on “Under Pressure” were recorded in Von Spar’s Dumbo Studio in Cologne, with guests from Toronto, Tokyo, New York, London and Nashville adding noteworthy contributions. As on “Streetlife”, the formative voice belongs to Chris A. Cummings alias Marker Starling. His distinctive falsetto graces over half of the songs, asking: “Is there a cure for this / Unhappiness, happiness?” On the opening track, Cummings is joined by Eiko Ishibashi (Kafka's Ibiki, Jim O'Rourke, Merzbow) in a Japanese dream sequence exploring where they might get to if the shackles of the flesh are cast off. Punk and reggae professor Vivien Goldman (The Flying Lizards) picks up the thread and liberates herself from the ghosts of the past on “Boyfriends (Dead Or Alive)”. Lætitia Sadier (Stereolab) sings on the album’s kraut-pop hit “Extend The Song” which could run and run for ever, powered by motoric energy: “If someone would ask me / Could I go on?”
    EAN 4015698422764