Merlins Nose Records

  • 01. Locomotive Lamp
    02. What's The Matter Now
    03. Violets Of Dawn
    04. Riverdawn
    05. Hey Joe
    06. Outskirts
    07. Little Baby
    08. Get Out Of My Life
    09. Four In The Morning
    10. Sometimes I Wonder
    11. Pale Shades Of Gray
    12. Elaborations


    24 Hours

    [engl] Some albums just exist due to the fact that the band is about to break up and with that knowledge in their mind the members wish to capture at least a tiny bit of the magic they created playing their stuff at rehearsals and concerts. These kind of of albums are way more personal like a picture book of memories than records made for the commercial market. '24 hours' by ANT TRIP CEREMONY is such an album recorded by a bunch of high school students soon to part ways after their exams. It is nearly impossible to get hold of an original of which only 300 copies existed. Fans of late 1960s jammy psychedelic rock and dreamy folky singer / songwriter style tunes will go crazy for this collection of songs. Among them you find coverversions of Eric Andersen, a well known singer / songwriter of the day, Allen Toussaint, a famous songwriter, producer and soul musician, Billy Roberts, who wrote the ultimate rock classic ?Hey Joe? as well as a couple of contributions of people close to the band next to a handful of originals. The band had a quite unique expression while their overall style fitted well into their era. Some more or less intense but never really heavy rock songs, some mellow tunes that make your spirit drift away into gardens of delight painted in surrealistic colours. Fans of JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, THE BYRDS, THE GRATEFUL DEAD, THE CHARLATANS and other similar heroes and legends of the late 60s West Coast scene will dig this primitive version of the super stars. The songs here are all incredible and definitely made to last for a lifetime. And so they enchant fans of relaxed rock for nearly 50 years already. A lost crown jewel of 60s music.
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    Live Trips 1971

    [engl] Their 1969 album ?Trip thru hell? is one of the holy grails of late 60s heavy psych rock and certainly deserves to be rated this way by fans and collectors of that heavy rocking sounds. Due to the internet it easily made its way to the minds of a whole new generation of fans already. What awaits you here got recorded live, two years later than their cult debut. The record starts with a unusual BEATLES cover ?And your bird can sing?, originally from ?Revolver? in 1966. You do not even realize it is the said song until you hear a familiar passage. The C.A. Quintet turned it into a groovy, smoking hot organ driven power rocker with a melodic edge. With the second covertune ?Badge? originally performed by CREAM they stay closer to the original but play it with an increased powerlevel . Next ?Bayou jam?, a lengthy heavy rock song with psychedelic organ sounds that remind of IRON BUTTERFLY. If you cross them with BLUE CHEER in their prime you will get an idea. There is even a killer drum solo section in the middle of the song. Who said ?In a gada da vida?? Well, you definitely get to know where they got their inspiration from. ?4 am NYC? is another mid paced stomping heavy groover with a wickedly pounding approach and simmering guitars while the organs roar as a back up to the furiously distorted guitar. The vocals on the other hand have this light weight west coast flower power pop appeal and both directions sound fresh and exciting in the mix. ?Wild child? comes as a sleazy acid blues rocker and takes you a few years back. Despite the nice organ it is obviously that they loved bands like CREAM, JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE and MOUNTAIN. ?Country boy? has a southern rock flavor and sticks out as I think but is also a well written power rock tune with some psychedelic elements. The colorful jammy middle section and the hard driving bass and guitar interplay make this a kick ass anthem for its time. And last but not least we have ?Fresh garbage jam?. More than ten minutes in length this is heavy and fuzzed out psychedelic jam rock at best with furious guitars and a relaxed atmosphere. Makes me see a whole crowd of hippies in colorful garments dancing themselves into a state of trance - funnily that's quite contrary to what happened in reality. you can read more about that in the linernotes on the backsleeve. The sound is great, as clear as it can be, powerful and vivid, better than some of the studio recordings back then. What more do you want? If you love the underground side of US hardrock like JOSEFUS, FRESH BLUEBERRY PANCAKE, STONEWALL, etc. then this is the thing for you!
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