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    Satellite Heart

    [engl] The Brotherhood of Sonic Love’s debut album Satellite Heart is out Friday October 4, 2019. The 10 tracks on the album revolve around temptation and denial. They are stories from the down- side of life about the sins of the past and the consequences of unleashing an inner drive for destruc- tion. Front man Asger Westh’s lyrics are saturated by personal struggle and a restless energy and on “Satellite Heart” they are launched upon an ocean of screaming guitars by a band playing with a nervous edge. Stretch your spine rest your bones / In the chapel of lost souls / The demon’s real, the demon’s here / My demon never disappear... (Yesterday’s Drugs) “Satellite Heart” follows up on an appraised EP, a few singles and some years on the Copenhagen underground scene. On the debut, The Brotherhood of Sonic Love continues to refine their love for simple melodies, few chords and straightforward execution, which has become the quintet’s trade- mark. At the same time the band shows a new, more sensitive and quiet side adding more edge to the duality and new layers to the conflict-ridden universe of the songs. Down in the park / Little satellite heart / New adventures / Lurk in the dark / Well known strangers / Former lovers and friends / Secure transmission / They all want the same... (Satellite Heart) Satellite Heart is recorded by the legendary Flemming Rasmussen at Sweet Silence Studios and is mixed and mastered by Frederik Brandt Jakobsen at Hikikomori.
    LP 180gr
  • 01. I wanna touch our soul
    02. Down in style
    03. Wrong side of the track
    04. Load and explode


    The Brotherhood of Sonic Love

    [engl] The Brotherhood of Sonic Love is a son and his father loaded with an arsenal of fuzz pedals and friends... A vision of exploring the beauty of simple riffs wrapped in white noise and psychedelic undertones with a loud lineup of distorted souls from here and there and everywhere. “Ever had the feeling that you don’t belong? Anywhere or to anyone? Ever had the feeling that you don’t fit in? I’ve felt this way since I was born my friend...” (From Wrong Side of the Track) The Brotherhood of Sonic Love took o as a band in the beginning of 2016. Prompted by the venues themselves, the band did a line of gigs before they went straight to the studio to record an EP, which will be out in the fall of 2016. ”The things that makes us feel alive are gonna kill us. You keep the secrets of the universe deep within you. The things that makes us feel alive are gonna kill us. All the stars explode tonight deep within you...” (From I Wanna Touch your Soul) On stage, The Brotherhood of Sonic Love is a lively bunch of both young and very experienced people from the garage rock, psych and noise scene in Copenhagen, Denmark. From time to time the line-up extends, as so many people want to be a part of this laid-back and very intense musical brotherhood.
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