• 01. Intrusive Behavior
    02. Flatter Me (Caress Me Too) 3. Prude
    04. The Mermaid Of Venice
    05. Sleeper Hold
    06. 20′′ Of Discipline
    07. Priggish
    08. Delusive Meaning
    09. Bland Young Man
    10. Pink Hiss

    THE K.

    Burning Pattern Etiquette

    [engl] The K. is a rock noise band from Belgium influenced by bands such as Pissed Jeans or Melvins. They first won major belgian contest Concours Circuit in 2011. They released then their debut album My flesh reveals millions of souls in june 2012 through JauneOrange and PIAS. This record met much critical acclaim in underground music publications and in major belgian media as well. Their second record Burning Pattern Etiquette to be released on October 2 2015 shows a new face of the band. Those who grew up on Birthday Party and Jesus Lizard will certainly recognize their influence and knows now their artistic legacy is in good hands with The K.
    EAN 5412690056451