• 01. Sink Or Swim
    02. The Mirror
    03. The Treatment
    04. Merseburg Charm
    05. Spirit Dance
    06. Ventadorn
    07. Intermission
    08. 1000 Deaths
    09. Is There A Chance


    The Suite

    [engl] PLUS BONUS TRACK! Back in 1972 German progressive rock band ANALOGY released its sole classic “Analogy” and even scored a deal for Italy but soon seemed to have faded into obscurity. Nobody really was aware of a recording named “The suite” that happened around 1980 and presents the folky side of ANALOGY who seemed at least quite creative for a time when electronic pop took over the whole music scene from disco sounds and poisoned the minds of musicians and fans even more. ANALOGY went into the opposite direction and reached out for musical realms that have been visited by legendary English acts like TREES, FAIRPORT CONVENTION or STEELEYE SPAN a decade or longer ago. Dramatic and powerful rock with a progressive edge meets mystical and magical British folk in a way that you might think this is rather an English or Irish original band from 1972 than a bunch of Germans about to cross the threshold to the 80s when music went plastic. This is handmade and the musicians play with a simmering passion. Two epic compositions were originally part of “The suite” but for this mighty reissue a bunch of bonus tracks has been unearthed from the vaults to add even more value to this gem. You will automatically be dragged into a world like a fairytale when you turn on this record even though it all just happens in your imagination. Several passages have a theatrical approach and feel like music from a stageplay and movie like “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” or records good old MEAT LOAF has recorded in the late 70s but those aspects are only tinges of color in an overwhelming sound picture drawn by a truly progressive band. For everybody who loves the heavier HORSLIPS and epic stuff like OMEGA with their “Suite” from 1974. This album develops passage for passage and makes this journey into your dreams a worthwhile trip.
    LP lim
    EAN 0710473604291
  • 01. Lucifer
    02. Salve Oimel
    03. Another Room
    04. Trip
    05. Harmagedon Dragonlove
    06. Tired
    07. Witches' Meeting
    08. Red Lebanese
    09. Run Off



    [engl] German proto heavy metal and proto doom metal has always been more of an underground topic due to the fact that most bands only reached a regional level in every aspect. DIES IRAE are certainly something of an exception to the rule when it comes to the quality. What you get here is a heavy and dark music with open song structures that leave much room for experimentation. Despite the fact that the simmering fuzz guitar cuts through your burning soul like a chainsaw there are still many parts in each song showcasing a fondness for playful jazz inspired passages where all musicians can prove their skills and the whole band still conjures a gloomy atmosphere. Except for the short interlude “Salve Eumel” which is just some Latin babbling. But you feel the light footed swing the musicians have while playing in those certain sections. In other cases DIES IRAE go utterly crazy in a psychedelic freak out fashion. We have to remember this album came out in 1971 and musicians as well as fans quite often were completely out of their mind. Trippy moments are given on “First” in abundance in between the hard hitting heavily grinding doom outbursts. Nobody was even eager to call it doom yet but all ingredients were there. Think of a jamsession with BLACK SABBATH and AMON DÜÜL II and you come at least close to something that could sound like DIES IRAE. This album is highly original and unique and definitely has a place among the greatest KRAUTROCK albums of all times. You can literally hear the acid doing its work but in a very skillful way. Friends of proto metal from the early 70s who dig a progressive edge with their music and have a fondness for trippy psychedelic rock shall grab a copy of this beautiful reissue for originals on PILZ Records fetch prices above 1500,00 US$. And this is definitely an album worth spinning every once in a while. Turn on, tune in, drop out!!!
    LP lim
  • 01. Delusion
    02. Dream Of A Drummer
    03. Time Is Flying
    04. What Are You Doin'
    05. Trouble Part 1
    06. Trouble Part 2



    [engl] The cover promises sheer darkness and madness. A skull in a bird's nest on the back and a skull covered with candle wax on the front. The rather pastoral folky beginning seems to prove my expectations wrong but the heavy progressive organ driven rock of this German outfit comes close to what the artwork suggests. The first song knows to convince all naggers. Twisted passages with an atmosphere of sheer insanity and heavy rocking outbursts of the classic kind shake your soul and drag you into a world so different to ours. Some classic blues rock parts get thrown in for the good measure as well but the attention lies on progressive and heavy aspects. The second tune proves that their bassist is a real maniac as he really smokes in some of the more loose sections when he and the drummer create flashing rhythms upon which the lead guitarist can take off to other spheres. Being crazy must be of importance here but MCCHURCH SOUNDROOM take care to be dynamic as well to keep the listener's attention upright when it comes to the lengthy instrumental jam parts with duels and dialogues of guitar and bass or even a wicked drum solo. If you think that progressive metal was invented somewhere in the USA by the early to mid 80s you will find out how far from the truth that is. Well, all in all this is definitely one prototypical 70s heavy progressive outfits and it has the spirit of most UK bands of the years 1969 to 1971 including vocals with a flawless English pronunciation. If you listen beyond the melodies be prepared to find some weird rhythm patterns and if you go back to the surface you may trip away on solemn organ parts or let your mind end up in the darkest and dirtiest backstreet pub when you get struck by quite powerfully rocking jazz passages. Music can be more of a journey than just a superficial experience and this is given with MCCHURCH SOUNDROOM and their “Delusion” album which takes you on a trip into the remote areas of urban life. All of it in a quite heavy fashion. If you love bands like GRAVY TRAIN or early JETHRO TULL, you may enjoy this to the maximum.
    LP lim
  • 01. Paternoster
    02. Realization
    03. Stop These Lines
    04. Blind Children
    05. Old Danube
    06. The Pope Is Wrong
    07. Mammoth Opus O



    [engl] Not each krautish album comes from a German band. Remember BRAINTICKET who in fact were Swiss with a Belgian mastermind? PATER NOSTER on the other hand who play an organ driven solemn progressive rock with a heavy edge come from Austria and really enlighten the heart of all fans of dark and often morbid rock music. It might be a good idea to overhear the pronunciation and the whole lyrics and take the vocals as another instrument adding some color to the whole picture. The voices are indeed quite charismatic and memorable. So are the compositions. The late 1960s psychedelic scene has surely made an impact on this band and the fuzzy lead guitar, creeping rhythms and wicked keyboards often create a climate of sheer dementia with the mournful voice of the singer on top. The record sounds as if the band was jamming in a giant church hall and therefore has a really gloomy mood. There are quite a few freak outs to be experienced along the way and in most cases they turn into some epic space trips that recall the greatest early TANGERINE DREAM and PINK FLOYD processions just with a funeral atmosphere. I may have never heard such a mournful album before which even sounds tragic when the lyrics center on the average working day of an average man. Well, this is some very special record indeed and will strike you deep inside. When you have gotten past the unique vocals the sheer beauty of the lead guitars and keyboard sounds will swallow you alive. Could progressive rock get more demented than VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR? Oh yes, this is the vivid proof. Made by freaks for freaks.
    LP lim
  • 01. I Am One
    02. By The Way
    03. Portobello
    04. In My Dreams
    05. Free
    06. Who Are You
    07. Travelling Man
    08. Jersey Thursday
    09. I Know
    10. Oh What A Day
    11. Sabre Dance

    SPOT (france)


    [engl] An early seventies Swiss band that showcases heavy blues-rock in fusion with the psychedelic influences of other swiss bands like Krokodil or Country Lane. With excellent guitar playing. The Spot LP is one of the rarest from the European underground scene for sure; it was pressed across the border in France under contract like the Splendid label stuff was (Pacific Sound, Aftershave, etc.), which makes it highly unlikely that it ever made it past an initial order of a few hundred copies for their local fan base. If you like heavy rock with searing distorted wah-wah guitar, this has it. If you like the juxtaposition provided by the short acoustic numbers on the Tractor LP, Spot does that as well.
    LP lim