• 01. Gerhard Heinz - Im Fadenkreuz
    02. Gerhard Heinz - All I Ever Need Is Beat
    03. Gerhard Heinz - Schamlos Theme
    04. The Sirs - Danger Girl
    05. Gerhard Heinz - Stunk Mit Pohlmanns Gang
    06. Gerhard Heinz - Puszta Fever
    07. Charles Ryders Corporation - White Flames
    08. Gerhard Heinz - Orgie beim Popmaler
    09. Gerhard Heinz - Seductive Annabelle
    10. Gerhard Heinz - Liebeskutschen Love
    11. Gerhard Heinz - Kowalski's Revenge
    12. Gerhard Heinz - Kurzer Prozeß
    13. Charles Ryders Corporation - I Remember The Blues
    14. The Sirs - I Saw You There
    15. Gerhard Heinz - Ich Liebe Bananen
    16. Charles Ryders Corporation - Happy Day



    [engl] Previously unreleased soundtrack to Eddy Saller's 1968 film "Schamlos" starring Udo Kier, Rolf Eden, Marina Paal and others. Released with 16 pages LP sized booklet containing liner notes in German and English.
  • LP:
    01. Jericho
    02. Summer Farewell
    03. Leave It All Behind
    04. Afterwards
    05. Prophet
    06. Playing The Circle Game
    07. Nightmare
    08. Same To You
    09. Zu Leise
    10. No Reason
    11. The Fighter
    12. Long Way
    13. Sunset
    01. Jericho
    02. Summer Farewell
    03. Leave It All Behind
    04. Afterwards
    05. Prophet
    06. Video Bonusvideos
    07. Playing The Circle Game
    08. Nightmare
    09. Same To You
    10. No Reason
    11. The Fighter
    12. Long Way
    13. Hero
    14. Sunset



  • 01. Werner Gavac - I Love You, Baby!
    02. Frank Roberts Und Die Bongo Band - Maloja
    03. Die 4 Bambis - Inka City '60
    04. Gerhard Wilfried / Heinz Neubrand Und Seine Combo - Chica Chica Bum
    05. Uzzi & Bill Grah 's Olympia Band -Geisterstunden Cha-Cha
    06. The Hubbubs - Nachts In Chicago
    07. Johnny & The Shamrocks - Biggy's Little Car
    08. Franco Runa - Orchester Teddy Windholz - Komm, Little Girl
    09. Robert Benett - Orchester Teddy Windholz - Sag' Wieso
    10. Ferry Graf - Will Fantel Und Seine Rocker's - Hotel Zur Einsamkeit
    11. The Austrian Evergreens - Tabu
    12. The Austrian Evergreens - Olymp
    13. Dolf Kauer & The Charly-Combo - Blue-Jean-Jack Aus Meidling
    14. Fred Andree – Orchester Robert Opratko - Vorüber
    15. Errol Ribeiro & The Vienna Beatles - Sick And Tired
    16. The Tramps - Gran Chaco
    17. Unknown Band - Verliebt... Junge Leute Diskutieren (2.Szene)
    18. Jerry & The Cannons - Rosalie (Shake, Shake)
    19. Hannes Patek & The Vienna Beatles - Jeanny, Jeanny, Jeanny
    20. Rockie Jackson - Baby, Let's Play House


    Schnitzelbeat Volume 1

    Was kommt ihnen beim Stichwort österreichische Populärmusik der 50er- und 60er-Jahre in den Sinn? Freddy Quinn? Peter Alexander? Lederhosen? Oder war da vielleicht doch noch mehr, vielleicht sogar was richtig Wildes? Herzlich willkommen in der wundersamen Welt des Schnitzelbeat! Der Wiener Musikjournalist, DJ und Subkulturforscher Al Bird Sputnik hat im Rahmen der Kulturinitiative Trash Rock Archives in jahrelanger und mühevoller Arbeit unglaubliche Vinyl-Schätze ans Licht geholt: Fundstücke, die belegen, dass es in Österreich ebenso einen vitalen Rock-N-Roll-Underground wie auch spektakuläre Vorboten des Austropop gegeben hat. "Schnitzelbeat Vol.1" bietet Twisted Rock-N-Roll, Exotica & Proto-Beat Unknows from Austria 1957-1966!
  • 01. The Slaves - You Are The Only One
    02. The Gamblers -Little Girl
    03. The Boys - Come Back To Me
    04. The Beatfires - Interpol
    05. The Counts - Rosen
    06. The Desperates - LSD
    07. The Rockets - Mein Girl Und Ich
    08. The Lost Generation - I Had Forgotten
    09. Harry David Quintett - LSD 3000
    10. The Meadows - Future
    11. Herbert O Und Die Beatniks 62 - Es Ist Schon Spät
    12. The Brand Brothers - Rainy Nights
    13. The Lamberts - Crazy Time
    14. Les Fantoms - Beat In E
    15. The Earls - Say The Word
    16. The Seals - Around The World


    Schnitzelbeat Volume 2

    [engl] A Sunday in August 1965: While the grown-ups are tending to their cars and gardens, a bunch of kids are maltreating budget guitars, cheap Italian combo organs, and ramshackle drum sets in the garage. Mandatory accessoires: longer hair than all the other boys at school, and black boots pointier than the tip of a knife. What had happened to these youths? N What had infected the young (amateur) musicians brought to you by Schnitzelbeat Vol. 2 was the exciting, new, hot sound seeping into cozy, provincial Austria from happening places like New York, London, and Hamburg. The artists compiled on this collection translate the air of unrestrained abandon transported by the newly emerging popular genres into their own, locally flavored idiom: Teenage Beat and Garage Rock Made in Austria, 1964-1970.Presenting internationally operating epigones of Austrian underground sound of the 1960s (THE SLAVES, THE GAMBLERS) alongside recently re-discovered trailblazers of independent production (THE LOST GENERATION, THE EARLS), Schnitzelbeat Vol. 2 is the first compilation of its kind to pay respect to the wilder side of home-grown Austrian teenage sound of the 1960s in all its diversity: you’ll find Instro Rock smashers, Beat ballads, straight-up Rhythm’n’Blues pieces, jangling, Folksy harmonies, savage Proto-Punk blowouts, and – of course – the off-the-wall appropriations of well-known interna-tional Beat hits that often provided ambitious amateurs with the jump-start they needed to get their own sound up and running. Curated and compiled by Al Bird Sputnik of the TRASH ROCK ARCHIVES (Vienna), this volume makes a compelling case for a revisionist history of Austrian Pop and Rock music. No 1960s underground Beat in the Alpine republic? Not true!