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  • 01. If You Can
    02. Walkout of my mind
    03. Maiden Girl
    04. Walking Through My Mind
    05. A Little Faith
    06. It’s Her
    07. Lesson To Learn
    08. In Love My Friend
    09. Do My Thing
    10. What You Do To Me



    [engl] Cykle was formed in 1968, North Carolina, when gifted musician and songwriter Jimmy Sossamon (previously in famous local band The Young Ones) heard a local group, the Glory Cykle. He was so impressed that he approached them about becoming their manager. The band -- guitarists Ralph Stevens and Jeff Hardin, bassist Grady Pope, organist Rick Wilson, and drummer/vocalist Ken Allen -- practiced at the studio Sossamon had built in his parent's garage, and by the end of the year, Sossamon took up the drummer’s seat to free up Allen as lead vocalist. Band’s name was shortened to Cykle and in early 1969 they began recording an album consisting entirely of Sossamon originals. The resultant eponymous LP was released later that year as a private pressing of 500 copies on the band’s own Label Records. But despite the 1969 release date, “Cykle” sounds straight from the 1966-67 garage-punk-psychedelic book.
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