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  • 01. Delusion
    02. Dream Of A Drummer
    03. Time Is Flying
    04. What Are You Doin'
    05. Trouble Part 1
    06. Trouble Part 2



    [engl] The cover promises sheer darkness and madness. A skull in a bird's nest on the back and a skull covered with candle wax on the front. The rather pastoral folky beginning seems to prove my expectations wrong but the heavy progressive organ driven rock of this German outfit comes close to what the artwork suggests. The first song knows to convince all naggers. Twisted passages with an atmosphere of sheer insanity and heavy rocking outbursts of the classic kind shake your soul and drag you into a world so different to ours. Some classic blues rock parts get thrown in for the good measure as well but the attention lies on progressive and heavy aspects. The second tune proves that their bassist is a real maniac as he really smokes in some of the more loose sections when he and the drummer create flashing rhythms upon which the lead guitarist can take off to other spheres. Being crazy must be of importance here but MCCHURCH SOUNDROOM take care to be dynamic as well to keep the listener's attention upright when it comes to the lengthy instrumental jam parts with duels and dialogues of guitar and bass or even a wicked drum solo. If you think that progressive metal was invented somewhere in the USA by the early to mid 80s you will find out how far from the truth that is. Well, all in all this is definitely one prototypical 70s heavy progressive outfits and it has the spirit of most UK bands of the years 1969 to 1971 including vocals with a flawless English pronunciation. If you listen beyond the melodies be prepared to find some weird rhythm patterns and if you go back to the surface you may trip away on solemn organ parts or let your mind end up in the darkest and dirtiest backstreet pub when you get struck by quite powerfully rocking jazz passages. Music can be more of a journey than just a superficial experience and this is given with MCCHURCH SOUNDROOM and their “Delusion” album which takes you on a trip into the remote areas of urban life. All of it in a quite heavy fashion. If you love bands like GRAVY TRAIN or early JETHRO TULL, you may enjoy this to the maximum.
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