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  • 01. History Jack
    02. Just For a Second
    03. Freckles
    04. Getting My Good Shirt Out For Court
    05. Hounds Of Hell
    06. This Mightn't Be The Worst Thing That I've Ever Done
    07. Privileged Kids
    08. My Best Means A Lot To Me
    09. Almost Anything
    10. Glowing Creatures
    11. These Lights Are Cooking
    12. Paper Thin
    13. Blankets
    14. Two Syllables


    Clearly you din't like the show

    [engl] Since the initial purge of solo ideas that was debut album “Break Bread With the Mono-Brows”, the improvement in Peter Black’s vocal ability has been exemplary. Furthermore, a deliberately measured and minimalist approach instrumentally goes to highlight the brilliant song-craft, which has always been in evidence with Peter Black’s electric amplified combos. On “Clearly You Didn’t Like The Show” it is his songwriting that has been hoisted upon a well-deserved and well-achieved pedestal. A great song is a great song, peel away the layers and see. Witness: Live favourite “Just For A Second”. A power-pop tune with trademark Peter Black insistence and hook, “Just For A Second”, with meaty acoustic barre chords backing a superb melody that, dare one say it, could have been written for the Hard-ons. Then again, it could have been written for Alex Chilton. A great song is a great song. Clearly You Didn’t like The Show” is stockpiled with such fine moments. Clearly a backward step artistically is out of the question for Peter Black. Clearly, Peter Black has well and truly arrived as a composer and a solo performer.