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  • 01. Going Back To Sweden
    02. Fears
    03. Shoot It
    04. New Ground
    05. Bringing It Back From Mexico
    06. Prayers
    07. Sizzler
    08. Razor Blade Blues
    09. Heavy Breather
    10. All Worth The Price You Pay


    New Ground

    [engl] This was basically a follow-up band of COUNTRY WEATHER as a trio featuring Greg Douglass and Bill Baron. Mistress played all over the San Francisco Bay Area for the better part a year. They had it all going for them, the songs, the musicianship, drive, ambition, the right attitude, the fans, everything, everything that is except for time; they didn't give it enough before they called it quits. Their first gig was June 15, 1973 and their last was July 14, 1974 and in between there was a ton of fun and a lot of hard rockin'. The first time lightning struck for Mistress was in 1996, when TaXim Records in Germany released their original album "Free Flyte". The second time that lightning struck Mistress is now, with the release of "New Ground", a new album of old music. The music on "New Ground" is taken from some early rehearsals, demos and radio broadcasts. There are also tracks from Wally Heiders famed San Francisco recording studios. This was in the final days with their new drummer Chuck Burgi who had just replaced Bill Baron about a month before. This was all in an effort to streamline and make their sound a little leaner and meaner and it worked like magic, these are some of their hottest recordings. The insert includes photos of the band and the story told by the different musicians.