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  • 01. Día De Difuntos
    02. Contrapunto


    Dia de difuntos

    [engl] Ramon Rodríguez just can't stop. Since 2002, when the first album by his main band Madee came out, he has offered a number of excellent recordings, four of them by Madee (including the latest and awarded "L' Antarctica - album of the year for Go! Magazine - ). Besides Madee's brilliant career, he also formed in 2006 the supergroup Ghouls 'n Ghosts with his friends Santi and Víctor García, owners of Ultramarinos Costa Brava studios where almost half of all interesting indie spanish bands have recorded, and released their debut through Aloud Music, touring all around Spain. Not fulfilled with that, in 2007 he joined the dance company La Intrusa (directed by Damián Muñoz and Virginia Garcia) as musician. And all this along with his charge in front of Cydonia Records since 2002. Besides all of this activity, he wanted even more; more music, more songs and more ideas through which he could express himself, this time in spanish to give a new form to his discurse. With genuine lyrics where irony confronts with melancholy, his new songs have been built with the valuable help of Ricky Lavado (drums) and Ricky Falkner (bass), both members of the renouned Standstill. All three make a unique background filled with all kind of details, instruments, textures and atmospheres, that hosts the element that has always shined in Ramon's career: his voice. And also his sense of humour. The man who sings sadly is an actual trobadour who laughs at everything and at himself first with grace and cleverness.