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  • 01. Le Mac
    02. Sur Mon Ecran
    03. L'expert
    04. Hitch A Ride
    05. Je Regarde Les Tigres
    06. Impitoyable
    07. Le Casse
    08. Costard Italien
    09. Je Ne Suis Là Pour Personne
    10. La Chemise Déchirée
    11. The Rent


    Front Pop

    Debüt Album eines Pariser Popperlchens das typisch quirrligen 60er Jahre Franko-Pop der Marke Dutronc mit Mod-Anleihen und New Wave-Ausflügen (Stranglers) kombiniert. Alles dabei was man braucht: Handclaps, Farfisa-Action, umschmeichelde französische Vocals (obwohl die Frontfrau eigentlich aus San Francisco kommt), Schellenkränze, Flöte, ... Gute Platte, die eher hintenrum kommt und einem ans Herz wächst als dass sie einen auf dicke Hose macht
    EAN 4260016925346
  • 01. Ici Paris
    02. Pousse Au Crime
    03. Facile
    04. Kinky Allumette


    Ici Paris

    [engl] French Boutik's debut 7inch Les Chats de Gouttière (copaseDisques 2012) made quite a stir on the independent music scene, receiving rave reviews internationally: ''Never has French pop sounded quite so good ... Quite simply, it’s stunning'' (Pennyblack-UK) - ''This EP is a refreshing blast from across the English Channel'' (New Untouchables Nutsmag-UK) - ''The title may mean 'ordinary cats' but this is not an everyday release'' (Record Collector-UK) - ''As perfect pop music is timeless, this record is a must-have and not just for the retro fan'' (Dynamite-Germany). -''a freshness of inspiration and execution that is good for the spirit'' (Distortioni Net – Italy)-'' impressive and delicious four songs are sure to arouse much interest'' (Nos Somos Las Muertos – Spain) – ''Listen….and you will be conquered'' (Scootitude – France) – ''they deliver exactly what the doctor ordered – sensible pop for this day and age'' (Sussed – Ireland) Not missing a beat, Ici Paris sees this talented franco-american quintet continuing to explore their unique talent for mixing classic French and English pop. These finely crafted tunes meld soaring harmonies, sophisticated songwriting, powerful guitar and percolating organ lines with clever bilingual lyrics. The resulting songs pay respect to their 1960s influences with a fresh approach, a moderniste sound completely their own. Ici Paris continues the French Boutik flair for mixing social criticism with irony and humor. The soulful title track Ici Paris finds a protesting renter fighting to keep her apartment from greedy landlords and cynical city planners while taking solace in the city’s continuing vibrant everyday life. Facile is a disgruntled employee’s rant against corporate culture (and her boss’s badly tailored expensive suit!) set to an irresistable organ-heavy riff. The exotic percussion and sinister sounds of Pousse au Crime would be comfortable on any film noir soundtrack, the lyrics portraying the sarcasm of a pastis-guzzling aging dandy disgusted by the bad taste surrounding him. Kinky Allumette is a catchy music-hall singalong utilizing the English language to treat a very Parisian topic, a metro strike. Add the typical inclement Parisian weather and discover how the protagonist attempts to arrive at band practice on time without ruining his guitar nor his trousers. Et le voila enfin… the latest installment of the finest quality pop française for your turntable pleasure, available now from the French Boutik.