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  • 01. Tolle
    02. Skinhead
    03. Happy Sunday
    04. Ill Weeds Grow Apace (Kölle Alaaf)
    05. Killer-Rats
    06. Grafitty
    07. It's A Warning
    08. Grafitty
    09. Killer-Rats
    10. No School
    11. We Don't Like It


    It`s a Warning Singles and Live Discography

    Unfassbar gut! Es gibt nun eine NAPALM-Discographie! Rauher Hamburg-Punk at it's fuckin best! Bekannt u.a. von PARANOIA IN DER STRASSENBAHN und ihren wahnsinnig teuren beiden Singles! In dieser Band tummelten sich solche Hamburg-Punk-Helden wie Lui (JAM TODAY,...), Witte (WITTE EXP, NOISE ANNOYS, heute RAZORS) und Arne (später Torpedo Moskau, Noise Annoys,...). Hierauf enthalten sind die Songs der beiden 7"es und auf der B-Seite 4 Live-Songs aus dem Grafitty in Hamburg 1982 in der rauhen Qualität jener Tage. Kommt mit farbigem 12"-Insert. Absoluter Kracher! --- NAPALM from Hamburg, Germany. They started in 1979 and packed it in 1982/1983 after recording only two 7inches. Original line up: Lui (voc.), Reder (dr.), Berthold (git.), Raimund (bass) Second line Up: Lui (voc.), Reder (dr.) Witte (git.) Arne (bass). In the aftermath of the first significant wave of Punk Bands from the UK touring Germany, four friends from Hamburg didn't just wanted to stand aside and watch. Already having made their first attempts in bands like ?COPSLAYER (Raimund + Berthold); GUTTERSNIPES (Reder + Witte); ?BORSTAL BOYS (Lui); SCREAMER (Witte) and NO ONE (Arne), they formed ?NAPALM to live what they believed was the only way to be: PUNK! After only a couple of shows they've been asked to record a single with label Moderne Musik. It sounded just like the band's first live shows, maybe even worse, but nobody really cared. The band went on to do some nerve wrecking gigging with Hamburg based friends THE BUTTOCKS. After brothers Raimund and Berthold left the band Arne and Witte stepped in and made a ?difference, being already quite experienced musicians and songwriters. The following years saw the band play some more or less chaotic tours in Germany and Europe, together with the likes of INSANE, GBH and ENGLISH DOGS. In 1982 they finally got together with Robert Nitz from Konnekschen lable to record their second 45 called It's a Warning. Live at the Graffityi was recorded in 1983 by some unknown Punk, most probably using a cheap tape recorder. NAPALM may not have made an impact in Punk, but Punk has for sure made an impact on them ...All members went on to play in bands, too many to mention, up to today 30 years later. 2011/2012 has seen NAPALM reunite to play a couple of shows in Hamburg and UK. This record has been released to make the stuff available on regular priced Vinyl again, as the original recordings are offered on the Internet for undecent prices. (STATIC SHOCK) Finally we made it !!! Singles : Tolle Skinhead Happy Sunday Ill Weeds Grow Apace (Kölle Alaaf) Killer-Rats Grafitty It's A Warning Live, Graffity Hamburg 1982 : Grafitty Killer-Rats No School We Don't Like It
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