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    Ambassadors of rock'n'roll

    It's time to introduce you to the new ambassadors of rock'n'roll and believe us, we're talking about the real thing! Here comes this band that has captured the musical phenomenon which came creeping out of millions of garages from the late 50's to the mid 60's and carries it forward into today's dreary world of lame mainstream rock and inedible lo-fi bullshit. Calling Rochester, New York their home, THE RIVIERA PLAYBOYS represent the epitome of a new breed of 60's garage rock'n'roll combos. The band that includes ex members of THE CHESTERFIELD KINGS, THE PROJECTILES, THE INSIDERS and SUSAN & THE SURFTONES delivers timeless music that has a powerfully menacing quality, and is best described in their own words as ''raw, electrified r'n'r!''. Driven by fuzz & reverb drenched guitars and wailin' organ sounds, all their songs got this distinctive primal approach, but the music still has this veritable melodic content and amazing vocal harmonies. They guide us through their wonderful own little musical world, a place where you can still find those primitive garage-punk rituals done by prehistoric cavemen banging big rocks together, a place where people still wiggle to the classic sixties beat, a place where the beauty of twangin' folk sounds is still respected, a place where people don??t have to be ashamed to be devoted to traditional r'n'r. If you can't get enough of all the ''pebbles'' and ''nuggets'' from the roaring 60's and you adore the early CHESTERFIELD KINGS and the MAHARAJAS, you certainly don't wanna live without this masterpiece of the ''ambassadors of rock'n'roll'', the mighty RIVIERA PLAYBOYS!