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    The Not Quite were a critically acclaimed 60's revival band that flourished in Ct. for over a decade. The group was formed by Dark Lord Rob and featured 60's style popock, with the Kinks and Who as the guiding influence. The addition of Tom Donnelly (drums) and Morrie McCarthy (guitar) gave the group a new power, and a more psychedelic sound emerged ( though psych material had been part of the group from the get-go). Soon an album was released on the Dutch Resonance label, garnering some small measure of critical acclaim (''A major band'' -- Art Black). This album is now considered a classic of sorts in European garage rock circles. The group further evolved with the edition of Colleen Crane on keyboards, and the sound grew darker, more ominous. The Voxx LP was a sea change from the first, yet equally well received (''classic psychedelia by any standards'' -- Freakbeat ). A follow-up album was started, and recording almost completed, but money ran out and the group began to dissolve (a process which took years!). While they existed, the Not Quite were a uniquely talented group, with some of the strongest songwriting of the era. They shall be missed.