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  • 01. wrestrling rock'n'roll
    02. take it off
    03. shake it baby
    04. yea pretty baby yea
    05. baby what's going on
    06. hey gal!
    07. wild baby wow
    08. i wanna be your pussycat
    09. hurt me
    10. honey baby blues
    11. baby fuck off
    12. it's never too late
    13. hi ho baby
    14. midfuckinbitchass
    15. hell yea!
    16. wrestling rock'n'roll girl
    17. i'm gonna kill you tonight
    18. wrestling with satan
    19. i love you


    Apartement wrestling

    [engl] As Young 13 year old Beat-Man (born. Beat Zeller) he started experimenting with his 4 Track machine, first under the Name Taeb Zerfall (1985) , then in 1992 after a Longer US Trip and inspired by Mexican Wretling in Los Angeles under the Name Lightning Beat-Man, back then the main theme was: "I FIGHT ON STAGE AGAINST ME AND MY GUITAR AND BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF IT AND WIN EVERY NIGHT" the Rawness and Directness of the Recordings are Unbeatable for the Time it came out, it Was the time when Techno and DJ's totally took over everything and there was absolutely no Space for Trash at all.. when the Record came out it didn't sell lot and the critics where very bad in the beginning also for the Live shows (the theme of the live shows where, play as Bad ,Fucked Up and Drunk as possible) but after a while came Touring in Europe and Shows together with the Ramones, Dick Dale , Prince, Fireworks Dead Moon and many more (almost 250 shows a year) and his Own Little Show on VIVA and MTV where he travels Around the US with a Wrestling Mask and interviewing People and Visiting Graveyards of Dead Rock'n'roll Artists, and the 2nd Album (Apartment Wrestling Rock'n'Roll- voodoo rhythm) who came on the Marked like a Atomic Explosion and as well made this 1st Album as a Collectors item, so we thought to give it to the People again together with 3 Outstanding Noisy Trashed out Bonus Tracks, and yea the Whole Album and Recordings are as Fresh as they would be made today.. the only problem is a Ground Noise that the Tascam Tape Deck had while recording.. but that's how it is if you Record in a LOW BUDGET WAY
  • cover


    Fuck you

    Superaufwendige 7" mit Klappcover, dickem Beiheft und 2!!! Pop-up-figuren. Das letzte Vermächtniss unseres Superhelden, bevor er als Reverend zurückgekehrt ist.