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  • 01. Lo Over
    02. No Way
    03. Default
    04. The Afterlife
    05. Staring
    06. You Are Here
    07. The Pocket Notebook
    08. Luv Davka
    09. Not Seeing
    10. The Way Of THe Will
    11. Your Revolution
    12. The Recital


    You Are Here

    [engl] "Princip’s debut LP translated from Hebrew - “You Are Here”, is what Dean Klein’s (vocalist & guitarist) managed to abrasively sum up as his personal take on modern existence, along with the frustration that creation and creativity may bring with them. Together with Sefi Akrish (bass) and Ben Tversky (drums), that forms a prominent, dancy yet sledgehammer pounding rhythm section - Princip conflates an honest outcome of their natural musicianship bound. Melding together boldly vocals in Hebrew, angular guitars, bits of shrieking saxophone and cathedral-like organs & synths is what Princip’s quirky mix of loosey, chaotic and rebelliously groovy post-punk consists of. 24 minutes within 12 tracks that lingers on with the unique high’s and low’s of the band that might make you realize that - You Are Here.