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  • 01. I Just Don't Understand Nick Cave
    02. Real Sausages Made by a real Butcher
    03. Rip Off The Fall
    04. I Was a Lot More Prolific When I Was Living in Greece
    05. The Girl Who Looked Like Bobby Gillespie
    06. Houses on the Green Grass
    07. Sedative
    08. Your Nan is Not an Invalid
    09. Hula Hoop Song
    10. John tries to buy some new tappers - A Movement in Three Parts
    11. Battenberg
    12. Captain Fantastic
    13. Knee Socks
    14. She Fancies Me That One in Age Concern
    15. No Fun (not that one)
    16. Tabby Cats Instead
    17. She's My Baby and She Makes Me Die Inside
    18. No, I'm Bored


    But They're Not Really Singles I Just Sent Them To The Screen And Said They Were Singles

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  • 01. And Dave Went Mental
    02. I'm Mint Man Me Man Yeah Yeah
    03. Bill Burroughs Was My Baby
    04. Woolies Please
    05. I Am John
    06. Eggs and Juice
    07. Kes
    08. Holiday
    09. Boys Don't Cry (Massive Turn On)
    10. Tooth Decay
    11. Day Trip To Heckmondwicke
    12. The Beatles Hate Me
    13. George Formby Breakdown
    14. Acrylic
    15. Orange
    16. Billy Billy I Love You #1
    17. Billy Billy I Love You #2
    18. "I Once Fingered A Girl Who Had Rejected Rick Witter In Glasgow's Art School Bar"


    Singles - Volume II

    [engl] Same cover but it's not because I just wrote on the other one because I felt it was important to (turn off David Bowie) turn off David Bowie. And then when I lived in Largs I went for a lot of walks thinking about myself, and then I went back to my room and read some books, and then I started to worry what all this isolation was doing to me, so I came back, and now I am putting this LP onto the internet in my Mum's house because Steve give me a box of them, and I don't have a record player, but my Dad does, though I'm not going to sit around the house listening to myself because he has a Def Leppard acoustic album he is listening to, and one of those sham five CD box set things he bought in HMV of all the Free albums, and there is just not enough time for me, the hard of hearing cat and the Paul Rodgers giving out his advice about if you are trying to screw me baby take my advice. Because of this - and only because of this - I have put it on the internet.
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