Hier findet ihr die Künstler/Bands.


  • 01. Busy Girl
    02. Crossing Panama Bay
    03. Riddle Of The Sands
    04. The Quiet Surf
    05. Nyota Nebula
    06. Boese Schwingungen
    07. Das Phantom Aus Der Themse
    08. Des Todes Bester Freund
    09. Asteroid Desaster
    10. Don Koyote
    11. Damned Satellite
    12. Doppelgängereffekt
    13. Satan's Hula
    14. Good Bye Earth


    Chaos At The Lobster Lounge

    [engl] Los Apollos started out four years ago with Kahuna Kawentzmann (ex- Looney Tunes) on the surf guitar. After an intermezzo with Ralf Kilauea, Simon Rebohm, formerly of Spektrophon, proved to be made of just the right stuff to get the Los Apollos Space Surf back on the launching pad. Backing up the man’s irresistible Twang is the old team – Christoph Leich (drums, Die Sterne) and Thorsten ‘Taucher’ Weßel (Bass, ex Ostzonensuppenwürfelmachenkrebs). This space surfer trio likes variety – it can be anything from classic genre hits and Arabian surf to super-smooth South Sea exotica and goose-bump inducing versions of long-forgotten musical gems. And of course, there’s a steadily growing core of self-penned hits! Whatever it is though, it has to sound good. A certain elegance, yes that’s a priority, but with this new line-up, it can really let rip too. On the whole, it’s great dance music. Although every now and then, it might get a little melancholic too. Does it get any better than that? We don’t think so. A debut 3 track CD "Mission to Halfmoon", produced by Christian Mevshas been released on MaterieRecords and shows have been performed across Germany and Italy, where Los Apollos had the honour to open Surfer Joe’s Diner at Livorno in March 2012. A truly unforgettable experience!