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  • 01. Candy Waves
    02. Try Harder
    03. Want One (Al Scorch Cover)


    Candy Waves

    [engl] Candy Waves," like any effective pop-punk song, sounds at first pass like it was banged out in a bored fit of post-study-hall pique, but once it settles, you begin to notice sneaky details filling out the song's primary-color pound: the bursts of background vocals, the guitar squalls, and the little piano lick riding up the vocal line.
  • 01. Worlds in Motion
    02. Rare Earth
    03. Kink
    04. I Was a New York Ranger
    05. Big Hat World
    06. Cheap Death Rattle
    07. Life Beyond Enceladus
    08. Mobility
    09. Psychic Gasoline
    10. Sanity's Sake
    11. Tectonic Rider
    12. Sailing


    Rare Earth

    [engl] Vacation’s new album Rare Earth comes at a time when the powder keg of civilization as we know it is particularly vulnerable to the spark that swallows our very existence. Rare Earth is an album that exists on account of this fact; lyrically and sonically in meditation of it. It’s an album that evokes at once the ominous churning of the Bizarros, the drone & dirge of Screaming Urge, and the melodic cushion of the Replacements’ tender years. Nine albums into their discography, Vacation remain true to shrill atmospheric ambience in tribute to Pere Ubu while retaining the hard-edged accessibility that was signed, sealed, and delivered to sensitive degenerates by the likes of the Ramones and Guided By Voices. Rare Earth delivers all of this in a uniquely sparkling package; almost tactile in relation to their live experience. It’s this Cincinnati power-quartet’s most explosive album yet, out Spring 2024 on Feel It Records." -Amos Pitsch (Dusk, Tenement)