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  • 01. Feral Rats Have Become Our Only Pets
    02. Shotgunning O’Douls & Kicking Dicks
    03. I Think The Sirens Are Coming For Me
    04. Please Do Not Resuscitate
    05. Last Moments Before Being Spaced
    06. Stolen Electronics To Shove Up Your Ass
    07. Hive Robotics At The Human Zoo
    08. This Doorway Leads 20 Years Into The Future
    09. This Building Sucks For A Zombie Apocalypse
    10. Caught Pissing On The Vatican
    11. Communications Are Down


    Feral Rats Have Become Our Only Pets

    [engl] On the "Stolen Electronics..." single we met our shrinkwrapped malefactor mid spree, filled with ire and intent. Since then, there has been a rash of strange occurrences and even some time travel that may or may not have resulted in our current pandemic situation. Like, we're not saying he single-handedly caused the world to turn upside down and stay inside but we're not NOT saying that either. Lucky for all of us, he came up on some fresh gear and wrote a few more downer garage punk space tunes to keep the gray matter from becoming completely egg smooth.
  • 01. Parents + FBI = Cahoots
    02. Fuck It, We’re Gonna Get Paid
    03. I Think the Sirens are Coming for Me
    04. I’ve Gone Savage
    05. Transfixed by a Zombie
    06. Get Us Out of Here!
    07. The Situation is Grim
    08. Just Shoot Me When You’re Ready
    09. A Feral Clone’s Revenge
    10. Dialogue Between a Vampire & Bloodless Aliens
    11. * Hidden Bonus Track!


    Parents + FBI = Cahoots!

    [engl] With the debut album "Parents + FBI = Cahoots", Shrinkwrap Killers out of Oakland bring a load of paranoia and conspiracies to the picnic table. The sun may be shining, but the melodies in the guise of 80s Dark Wave / Synth Punk are eerily beautiful enough to darken the sky. Yes, you can dance to this, cry, drink and smash the goddamn State to this. All at the same time. A perfect mixture of The Spits, Wipers & Brat Farrar. "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you!"
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