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MATAO with Atilla Engin

  • 01. Anadolu
    02. Cool
    03. Dancing Darbuka
    04. Bre Hasan
    05. Turkish Delight
    06. Rain In Spain
    07. Take Care Of Your Baby
    08. Seventeen Small Chinese Guys
    09. Daldalan

    MATAO with Atilla Engin

    Turkish Delight

    [engl] It’s a Turkish Jazz–Funk Delight..! Some hard–hitting rhythm section blending into a prime example of the swingin’ sound of the cool influences of Jazz, Funk and Folk music, with a Turkish flavor. It’s fantastic funk jazz groove built on a titanium synth bassline! An instrumental library of traditional Turkish Jazz session reaching a great climax in drums and percussion sets + electro–bass break with moog and synthesizers from the beginning to the end. Traditional Turkish songs are based on drums and synth bass over moody 5/8 fuzz guitars... Album recorded & released in Denmark, 1979, and it has never been released in Turkey.
    EAN 4040824089450