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Shawn Lee s Incredible Leg Warmer Band

  • 01. Leg Warmer Band - Intro
    02. Stretch It Out
    03. Body Jam
    04. Leotards In Love
    05. Sweet Sweat
    06. Cool Down
    07. Shape Your Booty
    08. Double Impact
    09. Headband Of Gold
    10. Hi-Intensity
    11. M.Y.B.A. (Move Your Body Around)

    Shawn Lee s Incredible Leg Warmer Band

    The 37 Minute Workout

    [engl] Stop everything you're about to do and take a hit of Diazpora‘s new Album „Ping Pong Powerplay“ now. Vast amounts of dopamine will be released as the needle hits the groove. Problems will disappear, heartache will crumble and legs going to move. With its ten modern songs built upon solid funk tradition, this album helps you get on the good foot! All songs were recorded in Diazpora‘s „Monopalast“ rehearsal studio in Hamburg, straight after the writing process, keeping it fresh, edgy and simple. The songs range from dancefloor tracks Diazpora is so known for, to heartfelt ballads, using Ping Pong as an olympic metaphor for life. Still in the game after countless years, Diazpora once more show nothing but love to their audience and THE FUNK with this latest release. Ping Pong Powerplay!