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  • 01. Blóð
    02. Sama Um Þig
    03. Ekki Neitt
    04. Get Ekki Meira l
    05. Ekki Snerta Mig II
    06. Líf
    07. Get Ekki Meira ll
    08. Hlíðin


    Ionsamfélagio Og Framtío Pess

    [engl]  Iðnsamfélagið Og Framtíð Þess which roughly translates to "Industry and its Future", is taking the oddity and isolationism of hardcore punk and industrial noise and smashing them even further together than they did on previous releases. This is the sound of a band perfecting its approach to the world. And we can't get enough. At first listen it is what seems to be a simple formula of bass, noise, drums and vocals but as you continue to listen, delicate layers of depression, life, anger, creativity, emergence and deconstruction begin to unfold until you find yourself trapped in a dystopian clamor void of hellish nothingness. Industry and its future indeed. 350 copies on black and 150 copies on translucent green 150gr vinyl housed in a 24pt reverse board jacket with printed inner sleeve and download card included.
  • 01. Strákarnir Okkar
    02. Refur Lýgur
    03. Vinna
    04. Hittu Mig Í Helvíti
    05. Svín I-II



    [engl] Stomping isolationist noise punk with a raging undercurrent of industry and primitivism from Reykjavik. This new ep, their first, shows a much noisier and angrier side of what was once an industrial solo project. All sung in Icelandic. Along with Dauðyflin, these folks are fostering a cold hardcore outsider vibe in a place that has had a rich tradition of punk/pop that's not widely known for it. A truly exciting discovery. Never under estimate the remote reaches of our community, you'll be zapped every time. 500 copies of heavy duty lacquer mastered black vinyl and glued pocket sleeve with art by Þórir Georg sit inside a hand embossed sealed envelope. A pure record.